EnGo Tower

New Installations or Retrofit

solar street lights pole

Why EnGo Tower?

1:Detachable Design
This solar cylinder module is based on modular design concept for easy installation and disassemble. It can be quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole.

2. Long lifespan
Made of high quality materials specially designed for outdoor application ensures long lifespan of EnGo Tower.

3: 360°Full Day Charging
6 slim solar panels are fixed tightly on a hexagon frame. It ensures 50%of solar panel will face to sunshine at any time of the day. Solar cell efficiency is up to 21.2%

4:Better Wind Resistance
The cylindrical design reduces the wind resistance area, and each module is directly fastened to the pole for better wind resistance.

5:Convenient to Clean and Maintain
Much less dust will fall on surface than regular solar panel. Worker can clean it easily standing on ground with taking a long handle brush,no need for lift.

Make any street light pole SMART!

With the EnGo Tower any street light pole can become a Smart and Energy efficient unit.

It will produce clean energy and collect environmental data via smart sensors that gather information about air quality, humidity, temperature, noise levels, light levels...

All those information can be monitored via our online platform from any computer or mobile phone.

smart solar powered led street light pole

How EnGo Tower can be used?


The off-the-grid option is a stand-alone solar street light solution that doesn’t require traditional underground wiring, trenching, or any other expensive and time-consuming installation work.

During the day, EnGo Tower will produce solar energy and store it into high quality EnGoPlanet Lithium batteries which will then during the night power LED light, completely independently from the power grid.

All components are stored inside the unit which has a seamless and cost-effective installation and maintenance process.

This option is recommended for sunny areas and also for areas that have little to no access to electricity or the power grid.

Grid BackUp

In this mode, EnGo Tower will have the battery as its primary source of energy; however, it will also be connected to the grid.


Regardless of the weather conditions, this option will always be operational.


Additionally, in case of low battery, the Smart controller will automatically switch to the grid power to prevent any disruptions or power outage.Once the battery is recharged the Smart controller will automatically switches back to battery operation. 

This option is recommended for cloudy and shaded areas that need a constant, seamless distribution of energy. In addition, this option opens the door for retrofitting existing street light poles into more energy efficient units.

All Grid

This option is a 100% grid solution. In this mode, there is no battery storage. Instead, each day produced solar energy will be sent to the grid via the Micro-Inverter or can be used to power specific power consumers in buildings and/or sites nearby. With this option reduction in energy consumption can go up to 80% per pole.

Free Power Supply 

Besides street lights, EnGo Tower can also be used to power other devices such as CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi hot spots, sensors,charging stations in areas with little to no access to electricity.

solar powered street lights pole
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