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Smart Solar Street Lights for roads  

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights have many tangible benefits when you choosing the solution to light up new or existing road, street and highway.


According to Federal Highway Association ( FHWA) more than 40 percent of intersection fatalities occur during the night hours. The probability of being killed in a fatal crash during night hours is as much as three times greater than during the day. A primary reason for this difference in crashes is poor intersection visibility, where drivers are not able to see conflicting traffic and other road users. Installing new street lighting on roads and highways, can significantly reduce crashes at intersections and save thousands of lives every year. Learn below why Solar Street Lights are perfect solution for this application.

solar street lights pole
solar street lights pole


Traditional, grid-connected streetlights are poor solution when you need to light up new or existing street, road or highway. They require expensive and time consuming installation, such as digging trenches, wiring between the poles, electrification of the area and other related work.
EnGoPlanet Solar Street Lights decrease the initial cost of street lighting project for almost 30%. In addition, with our solutions you don't receive electricity bill after installation.
The energy is free and clean.


EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights can be equip with WiFi internet connection that allows remote monitoring and management from any location via EnGoPlanet Software. Our advanced solution will monitor state of the battery, dim lights, send notifications in case of vandalism or faults in the system, and provide many other useful reports. Optionally, CCTV camera specially designed for our solar system will provide live video streaming from project's location. 

solar street lights pole
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