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Solar Lights for industrial & security

Our Solar Street Lights are perfect solution for application in many industrial areas such as airports, port terminals, truck rest points, outdoor warehouses...

solar street light

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Light doesn’t require excavation and cable laying and can easily be placed to secure the industrial or security perimeter. It presents a perfect solution for vast number of remote areas with limited access to electricity that must be secured.

solar street light pole
solar street light pole
solar street light pole

Powerful Solar Panel

Efficient LED Light 

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel 

EnGo Standard:
-Solar Power: 280Wp
-LED Light: 60W
(up to 160 lummens per Watt)
-Battery: EnGoSmart LiFePO4 AGM/GEL 
-Pole: 20ft / 7 meter height.
-Pole finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
solar street light pole
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