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Solar Lights for Pathways and Parks

With advanced LED lamps and efficient solar technology EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights are efficient and powerful solution to light up pathways, trails and parks

Increase safety of the community by providing illuminated areas where citizens can get together and enjoy.

EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light is a perfect solution to light up parks, pathways, trails and other areas where electricity access is not near by. A sustainable solution powered only by renewable energy sources.

solar street lights

Latest LED, Battery and Solar technology that we incorporated into EnGoPlanet lighting solutions provide reliable service 365 days in a year*.

Powerful LED lamps with more than 160 lummens per watt will light up public areas using minimal amount of energy. 

Motion sensors and dimming schedules additionally will enhance solar system reliability.

solar street lights smart pole

Decorative and modern design of our solar street light solutions will improve curb appeal of your communities and make them more attractive place for living.


With no need for long and expensive installation, such as digging trenches and underground wiring, EnGoPlanet Solar Street Lights are efficient product to light up pathways, trails, or squares.

Smart City Integration


Coupled with Optional features such as Camera, WiFi Hot Spot, Charging Station for mobile phones and Environmental Sensors EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light is an integral part of the Smart City concept. 

Creating sustainable infrastructure of tomorrow will help reduce carbon footprint and enhance energy resilience of the communities from any disruption. 
solar street light
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EnGo Tower or EnGo Leaf
Solar:  300W
LED Light: 40W (6000lm)
Battery: EnGoPlanet Smart LiFePO4
Pole: 18ft/ 6m or 22fr/8m
Pole finishes: Hot Dip Galvanized
Optional Color

*If installed at locations with no shades and at least 4 hours of sun exposure. 

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