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Solar Street Lights for Parking Lots

reliable and powerful solution

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light is an excellent choice for parking lots and general area lighting. Our street light with advanced LED lamps and Solar panels are efficient and powerful solution that will reliably work 365 days in a year. 

Unique and awarded design of our products present valuable asset for increasing curb appeal of your property and an effective tool to obtain LEED credits from Green Building Council.
solar street light for parking lot
solar street light

Our solar street light solutions are suitable for new and existing parking lot installations. With no need for excavation work and cable laying our products are both, cost and time effective option. Compared to traditional public lighting, it will save you up to 30% upfront cost and eliminate electricity bills in the future.

Providing safety and security to communities is an essential role of EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Lights.
Additional features such as remote management, movement sensors, video surveillance, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, traffic monitoring and environmental sensors will enhance safety of your family and property.


solar street light


EnGo Standard:
-Solar Power: 280Wp
-LED Light: 40W or 60W
(up to 160 lummens per Watt)
-Battery: AGM/GEL 220Ah
-Pole: 22ft / 8 meter height.
-Pole finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
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