Solar Poles

Unlock the power of off-grid solar poles for versatile solutions. Enjoy cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and uninterrupted lighting, surveillance, and network connectivity in any location.

Our World Is Full of Free and Clean Energy

The challenge lies in harnessing and storing that energy to pave the way for a sustainable and energy-independent future. EnGoPlanet rises to this challenge with a clear vision and commitment. We are pioneers in developing decentralized, decarbonized, and digitally connected energy systems. Our innovative solutions are not limited to commercial solar pole lights but extend to telecommunications, transportation, security, and many other off-grid applications.

We firmly believe that to achieve this sustainable future, the preservation and conservation of our planet are essential.

EnGo Tower

Illuminate, Monitor, Connect

EnGo Tower is a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize urban planning. From urban streets to highways and industrial zones, the EnGo Tower integrates forward-thinking design with sustainable solutions. Its features include remote management, easy and fast installation, smart sensors, and a high-quality lithium battery.

EnGo Slim

Elegance and Versatility

EnGo Slim is designed for seamless integration into various settings, from residential neighborhoods to busy commercial districts and urban centers. These solar led pole lights made in USA offers a range of features, including a 90° pole adapter to maximize vertical solar panel orientation, a 105° head rotation for optimal top solar panels and LED light direction, and the option for additional mountable solar panels to maximize power.

EnGo Leaf

Award-Winning Elegance

EnGo Leaf, our acclaimed decorative model, breathes vitality into boardwalks, parks, and dynamic business centers. With meticulous design, sophistication, and personalization in mind, EnGo Leaf offers the unique privilege of prominently showcasing your logo or cherished visuals on its lighthead, leaving an enduring impression on all observers. Notably, EnGo Leaf has been recognized as an award-winning product, receiving the IDA Design.

EnGo Illumo

Efficient and Resilient

EnGo Illumo, powered by solar energy, is a marvel of compact design with a powerful impact. Its sleek solar panel box seamlessly integrates the battery and control system, providing effortless adjustability for maximum efficiency. These solar led pole lights made in USA are engineered to withstand the elements. Also, EnGo Illumo's unique cooling system ensures peak performance even in extreme weather conditions.

Solar poles for versatile solutions


EnGoPlanet’s solar led pole lights offer users tangible benefits, including:

  • Long-Term Savings:  By harnessing clean energy, our solar pole lights made in USA lead to substantial cost savings, eliminating electricity bills and reducing operating costs.
  • Safety Enhancements: Improved illumination in neighborhoods and thoroughfares enhance safety and security, reducing accidents and promoting safer communities.
  • Environmental Benefits:  EnGoPlanet’s sustainable solutions contribute to a greener planet, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting clean energy usage.

Installation Process for Commercial Solar Pole Lights

We make sure the process of installation of our solar pole lights is smooth by following these steps:


EnGoPlanet conducts a thorough assessment of your specific lighting requirements.


EnGoPlanet presents a tailored proposal for solar lighting solutions based on your needs and the parameters identified during the assessment


You'll receive a lighting simulation proposal along with the total monthly cost per unit. This cost remains fixed throughout the contract duration.


Upon agreement, the contract is signed, and EnGoPlanet promptly commences preparations for your customized lighting solution.


Our expert team installs your new lighting system, with installation costs covered by us, leaving you responsible only for the monthly bill.


Embrace your new, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable commercial solar pole lights made in USA.


What is the lifespan of EnGoPlanet's solar led pole lights?

Our solar pole lights are built to last and typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Are EnGoPlanet's solar pole lights suitable for off-grid locations?

Our solar pole lights are built to last and typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on usage and environmental conditions.1

How can I monitor and manage the lights remotely?

Our solar pole lights are built to last and typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on usage and environmental conditions.2

Step into a Brighter Future with EnGoPlanet Solar Led Pole Lights

EnGoPlanet Energy Solutions is dedicated to advancing the cause of clean and renewable energy on a broader scale. Our mission is to make the transition to sustainable energy sources as efficient as possible. Our solar pole lights are a testament to our dedication to sustainable illumination. By harnessing the power of the sun, we help reduce carbon footprints, cut energy costs, and contribute to a cleaner environment. Contact us today for a personalized quote or more information. Join us in the movement towards a greener future, one solar light at a time.


The largest solar street light project in the USA