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Why to buy Smart Solar bench?

Why to buy the Smart solar bench? Why it make sense to invest into this new and modern urban furniture? Why city officials should consider installing smart solar benches and how this solar powered equipment can increase the energy resilience of our neighborhoods? All these questions about smart solar bench will be answered in this blog post.

smart solar bench

Smart Solar Bench basics:

1) It is a solar powered unit that generates energy during the day, and then store it into the battery that is installed inside the bench. It is a completely energy independent solution and it is not connected to the power grid.

2) Smart Solar Bench provides free charging for portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets,smart watches etc. via 4 USB ports and 2 Wireless charging pads.

3) Free WiFi internet hot spot is also a feature that Smart Solar Bench provides.

4) Large illuminated display on the smart solar bench can be used to display important city information or advertisement.

5) Security. Through smart cameras that can be installed on the Smart Solar Bench that will allow city officials or property managers to monitor their sites.

6) Smart Solar Bench also presents a micro grid device that will provide basic energy to citizens in the case of natural disasters and power outage.

These are just basic points about Smart Solar Bench. To learn more about this new solar urban furniture device, please press HERE.

smart solar bench

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