Why Smart Solar Bench is a good choice for your community?

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To answer this question, first we must go through the Smart Solar Bench basics. Below is a quick overview.

smart solar bench
Why Solar?

As you would have heard the resources on the earth are depleting are a rapid rate. The availability of fossils is diminishing. Fossils like coal, oil and natural gas are reducing at a very rapid pace. This calls for alternatives. The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity. According to UNDP, the annual potential of solar energy is 1,575–49,837 exajoules (EJ). This is several times larger than the total world energy consumption, which is around 580 EJ.

It is free, inexhaustible and clean energy source. It increases countries’ energy security through reliance on mostly import-independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating global warming and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise. These advantages are global. Hence you can find solar powered buildings, areas, street lights, appliances, benches, homes and even whole city blocks.
smart solar powered bench
What is a Smart Solar Bench?

A solar bench is based on the same principle of solar panels. The panels capture the sun energy and then convert it to power that can be used to power various devices. The PV panel can be placed above the bench, inside the bench or even in the pavement nearby, depending on model. They come in several colors and designs that are suitable for interior or exterior purposes.

Suppose you are walking down or traveling around a city and need immediate charge on your smart phone for emergency call or message, then what do you do? You can just approach the solar bench with your smart phone, charge in no time and resume your journey. It is as simple and easy as that. As it is a bench, you can sit on it for some time and take some rest while phone charging.
smart solar powered bench
Using sustainable power outdoors has never been this easy and fun. Whether you want to charge your phone or your bicycle, want to study, just relax or play a video game or work in vast outdoors, it can all be done on this modern bench that features both wireless chargers and USB ports.


-Parks and public spaces

-City squares

-Sport and playgrounds

-Business parks

-Bus and train stations -Airports

-School and university campuses

-Government grounds

-Beach boulevards

-Touristic facilities

-Bicycle and walking routes

-Promotional booths

-Shopping malls and retail parks -Resorts

-Amusement and theme parks

-Public libraries


-Art and music festivals

Why is it called smart?

Primary bench usage is for people to sit and rest a while, communicate a bit and go; like with a mobile phone-to make and answer a call, that is to communicate via voice call. Like cell phones, benches are becoming „smart“ too-today they are able to serve as a Wi-Fi Hotspot and public lighting point at night while shock and ant vandal resistant, can charge cell phones, tablets, laptops and cameras, have in-built various sensors, like weather (temperature, humidity, CO2 level, pressure), air quality, noise detection, etc., can provide user info and have CCTV option, music and, of course, require no energy whatsoever, since Solar powered. Also, it can be a part of something bigger, like Solar Bus Stop, Solar Street Light, Solar Rest Point, Solar Table and similar.

smart solar powered bench cost
And EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Bench has one additional feature, a business/commercial one, which brings us to headline question answering.

It comes with a vertical display that is illuminated on both sides which provides a good opportunity for promotion and/or info hub (helpful content like information of the city, map of the city, and phone directory which can be securely fitted). This vertical part enhances Smart Solar Bench’s visibility. In addition, a very bright lighting is embedded in display that, unlike below the bench mild lighting, also enhances its visibility. Moreover, if a bench is positioned in a high-traffic (pedestrian) area, then the two most important BTL marketing (for Outdoor) rules are satisfied and investment’s marketing effects are to be expected as high as possible. And even with all these features,

EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches claims the best value for the price.

Not to mention your company and/or municipality can claim, with this undertaking, its alignment/contribution with/to worldwide sustainability (green) initiatives/movements. The Smart Solar Benches are becoming an increasingly growing urban furniture device that will transform urban cities and partially replace traditional benches. It presents an integral part of IOT and Smart City Concept. To learn more press HERE.
Smart Solar Powered bench
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