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Why landscape architects should consider Smart Solar Bench?

Smart solar-powered benches are the great product for Landscape architects that focus on Sustainability in urban landscape design. Their job is the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, but also to promote new trends regarding Smart City development.

smart bench solar powered

The fundamental idea of Sustainability Urban design is that human life on Earth must ultimately be sustainable, the precise definition of this term – especially in the urban landscape - remains subject to deep disagreement. Therefore, there is a great need for more specific frameworks for interpreting and implementing urban landscape sustainability.

smart bench solar powered

Thus, sustainability in the urban landscape has become an important topic in recent years that resulted in the creation of many new smart and sustainable products that can change our communities. In that regard, solar-powered products, such as smart solar bench and solar streetlights, should be taken into serious consideration when design new landscapes and communities.

A smart solar bench presents a modern replacement for the traditional bench. It is a completely energy independent product, powered only by clean energy sources, in this case, solar energy. So how much smart solar bench cost and how does it works, are probably two main questions that we need to answer here. The price of the Smart Bench powered by solar energy is anywhere between $3000-$6000 depending on many models and designs. During the day this Smart bench will harvest energy from the sun and send it to the battery that will store that energy. The solar battery will then power many cool features that this smart bench has to offer, such as free mobile charging, WiFi internet connection, charging station for E-scooters and many other very unique services.

EnGoPlanet is the main producer of Smart Solar Benches and they already have projects in more than 20 countries around the world. The fact that some of the most prominent companies in the world, such as Microsoft, already purchased this Smart Solar Bench, it the clear sign that this is the product that any Landscape Architect should consider.

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