Solar Street Light Price. Why Cost of Installing Solar Street Light Makes Sense?

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Things are changing in the world of outdoor lighting. With the introduction of smart solar lighting solutions, we can say goodbye to the usual problems of high costs and complex installations. EnGoPlanet explores all the benefits of solar-powered lights, explains why they’re becoming so popular, and shows why the initial solar street light price should not deter you from going solar.

Solar Street Light Price vs. Traditional Lighting Price

Standard electrical street lights are much cheaper for initial purchase, but if you add up all the underlying costs over time, they tend to be much more expensive. A typical high-pressure sodium street light costs about $1,350.00 for the pole, fixture, and mounting bracket, but installation costs for setting the pole and running the electrical wire from the pole to the transformer can cost upwards of $4,550.00, and that doesn’t even include the first months’ electric bill. With today’s rates, the cost just for energy bills will be over $5,500.00-$6,000 over 25 years per light.

an image showing the benefits and features of solar poles explaining the solar street light price

EnGoPlanet Solar street lights cost anywhere from $1,850.00 to $5,000.00, depending on the needs of the system. Installation is very simple and affordable. Since it is not connected to the grid, it does not require expensive and long construction work. Initial investment saves 25 years of electrical costs and doesn’t require difficult and costly installation. The system costs all upfront costs of standard electrical lights and pretty much nothing else; the power is free! Not to mention all the other benefits that EnGoPlanet solar street lights provide.

Financial Benefits As Electricity Prices Continue to Rise

As electricity prices continue to climb, the cost-effectiveness of solar street lights becomes increasingly clear. Historical data shows a steady increase in the price of grid electricity, rising from under $0.6 per kWh in 1979 to over $0.16 per kWh in 2021.

Average price of grid electricity graph
The price of electricity has gone up through the years

This trend is expected to persist, with forecasts predicting an average price of $0.174 per kWh in 2024 and a peak of $0.179 per kWh in 2025, ultimately reaching around $0.35 per kWh by 2050.

Longterm grid electricity price forecast graph representing the cost effectiveness of solar energy despite the initial solar steet light price
The price of electricity is most likely to keep going up while solar street light price keeps saving you money.

Against this backdrop, solar street lights stand out as a financially savvy choice. Unlike grid-tied street lighting, which becomes more expensive with rising electricity costs, solar street lights offer the advantage of fixed costs. By locking in operational expenses today, municipalities and businesses can avoid the financial uncertainty of fluctuating energy prices. This fixed cost benefit, combined with the long-term forecasts of rising electricity costs, highlights the significant financial advantages of adopting solar street lighting solutions for the future.

Grid electricity price forecast graph
Using a solar street light saves you a lot of electricity money over the years

EnGo Utility – The Advantage Over Traditional Lighting

Traditional street lighting requires tying light fixtures to an electrical grid system, trenching, and underground wiring. The process is long, costly, and inconvenient to others. In addition, you have the endless expense of monthly electrical bills. Costs associated with underground wiring, on-site transformers, and electrical enclosures are often greater than newly installed solar lights.

EnGoPlanet Energy Solutions offers solar lighting as a service as a product called EnGo Utility. EnGo Utility is revolutionizing the way we think about street lighting with its innovative subscription-based model. By eliminating upfront costs, EnGo Utility makes solar street lighting accessible to all, offering a comprehensive package that includes not just the supply of solar poles but also their installation, ongoing maintenance, and servicing.

This approach is perfect for both new projects and retrofitting existing installations, ensuring uninterrupted clean energy and reliable lighting, even in areas with frequent power outages. With a fixed monthly rate and the opportunity to earn LEED credits, EnGo Utility presents an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. Quick and hassle-free installation, along with guaranteed lighting 365 days a year, makes EnGo Utility a standout choice for sustainable urban development.

Why the Cost of Installing Solar Street Lights Makes Sense

Why cost of installing solar street lights makes sense is one of the many FAQs about solar street lights. The truth is, there are many reasons why the initial higher price of solar street lights installation makes perfect sense. Besides the undeniable cost-saving benefit, other notable reasons are:

  1. The use of renewable energy and dependability
  2. Environmental benefits
  3. Ease of installation and maintenance
  4. Community and public safety
  5. Smart technology integration

Renewable Energy and Reliability

Solar street lights play a pivotal role in achieving energy independence by harnessing renewable energy, notably through the innovative integration of solar poles. These structures efficiently capture and use clean, sustainable energy, reducing dependence on traditional power grids. The reliability of these solar-powered lights is a key feature, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during power grid failures. With solar poles at the forefront, this technology offers consistent and dependable illumination, enhancing both energy security and the overall functionality of the lighting system.

Environmental Benefits

Suppose your project is in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands, along a seashore, or in sensitive ecosystems. In that case, solar lights minimize the impact on nature by avoiding below-grade services and unsightly enclosures.

Solar street lights lead the way in protecting the environment by significantly lowering pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike traditional lights that use fossil fuels, solar lights work cleanly without releasing any harmful substances. This means cleaner air and a healthier environment for all living things. Solar lights also avoid damaging the ecosystems around them, helping to keep plants and animals safe. By using solar lights, we’re taking big steps towards a more sustainable way of living. The idea of offering solar lighting as a service fits perfectly into efforts to create greener, more sustainable cities for the future.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

With commercial solar lighting systems, projects are self-contained and shovel-ready. It typically takes only 4-6 weeks from initial inquiry to installation.

Regardless of whether you are installing new solar lighting or converting traditional to solar, you eliminate ongoing payments for electricity, and you never have to worry about brownouts or blackouts.

solar poles representing solar street light price

Community and Public Safety With Solar Street Lights

Brightly lit areas are crucial for keeping communities safe because they make everything more visible and deter potential risks. Good lighting helps people feel safer, lowering the chance of crime and accidents in public spaces. The increased visibility discourages criminal activity, making the area safer for everyone. Focusing on good lighting not only makes a place look better but also really helps improve safety for everyone who lives or visits there.

Smart Technology Integration

EnGoPlanet’s solar lights incorporate advanced smart technology features to optimize performance. These include adaptive lighting sensors, ensuring efficient illumination based on real-time conditions. Additionally, the integration of remote monitoring capabilities allows for seamless control and maintenance, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The lights are designed with energy-efficient settings, further maximizing the utilization of renewable energy.

The Cost of Installing Solar Street Lights Makes Perfect Sense

After looking at all the positive aspects of using EnGoPlanet solar street light versus a standard electrical street light, it is clear who the winner is. EnGoPlanet Solar lights provide a better environment, increase visibility, and save money on electrical, installation, and maintenance costs. That is why installing solar street lights makes sense despite the initially higher solar street light price.

Solar poles for versatile solutions