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Where to use and buy Solar street lights?

Solar Street Lights are a signature product of EnGoPlanet, along with our Smart Solar benches. They are a smart, secure and efficient way of approaching the problem of street lighting. Yet many are still unclear on where exactly can they be used and what locations are perfect for them. This is why we have compiled the findings of our experts in order to provide a simple guide - where to use Solar street lights.

smart solar street lights

The main component of our Solar Street Lights is the Solar Energy Photovoltaic (PV) module, which generates electrical energy from solar radiation. These modules are both the present and future of obtaining green electricity because of their flexibility, endurance, ease of installation, unprecedented reduction of production costs, and continuous increase of performance. This all coupled with the fact that our Solar Street Lights are unique with optional features such as Wi Fi internet connection which allows for remote monitoring and management, cameras, mobile charging stations and environmental sensors, and the scene is set for numerous application of our great product.

Our experts have compiled data and tailored our products to fit in several basic categories, where we believe Solar street lights would be of enormous service to companies, organizations and local communities.

Streets and Roads

The first and obvious choice is to have our Solar Street Lights illuminating local and regional motorways across countries. Where street lights in general serve to enhance safety of both commuters and pedestrians, our Solar Street Lights elevate the level of service with zero bills for energy, half the installation cost against traditional street lights, and a wide array of our tailored optional features.

The number one concern for traffic is safety. Street lights are not some extravagance, they save lives. When there are lights on the roads, accidents are fewer, people are safer. It’s simple as that and the data is indisputable. Our mission is to look for safety above the traffic level, with looking out for our planet and installing zero emission Solar Street Lights who are now effectively smart and fall under the Internet of Things category.

smart solar street lights

Our experts have made special features for our partners which include Wi Fi internet connection that allows remote monitoring and management from any location via EnGoPlanet Software. We continue to evolve our products with our next generation solution which includes monitoring the state of the battery, dimming of lights, sending notifications in case of emergency, and CCTV specially designed for our solar system will provide live video streaming from the location.

We recommend for these types of location that our EnGo Standard Solar Street Light is used.

Tech specifications are:

Solar Power: 280Wp

LED Light: 60W (up to 160 lumens per Watt)

Battery: Our first option is Lithium LiFePO4 battery, but if the solar street light project owner wants different battery, we can also go with AGM/GEL battery.

Pole: 20 ft. / 7-meter height

Pole finish: Hot Dip Galvanized

Pathways and Trails