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Where to buy and how much cost smart solar powered bench?

Where to buy and what is the cost of Smart solar bench became common question in urban furniture market. Smart solar powered benches became a new cool tool to make our parks and public spaces more digital, connected and sustainable. Solar energy deployment into bench and urban furniture industry allow these products to transform to multifunctional units that can provide much more services then just place to sit.

EnGoPlanet is the leader in development and production of Smart solar powered benches and other solar urban furniture, such as solar street lights. Usually these smart solar benches are not ready in stock items, and they are produced per order. It takes around 6-8 weeks to produce smart solar benches. The cost and price of smart solar benches can vary and it depends on the final configuration of the unit. Suppliers of the smart solar bench such as EnGoPlanet, advise that the best way to buy the smart solar bench is to contact them directly to .

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