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What is the real price for Smart solar powered bench?

Up to now the cost of the smart solar-powered bench was the biggest concern for many clients who wanted to purchase this device. Suppliers and manufacturers of smart solar-powered benches are trying to find a way to lower the price which brings the following question: Will the quality stays the same?

smart solar powered bench

EnGoPlanet is the leading supplier of smart solar-powered benches and smart solar streetlights with projects in almost 15 countries worldwide. Some of their clients are the strongest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, KOC, AT&T, etc. What sets this company apart is the unique design and quality of its smart solar-powered benches. We set down with their CEO Mr.Petar Mirovic to talk about his views on how to make Smart solar-powered benches more affordable and cost-effective.

How do you see the current market for Smart Solar-powered benches?

This market is growing rapidly. To give you one example, when we started selling our Smart solar-powered benches a couple of years ago, there were only 2 companies who manufactured these products, today you have more than 15 companies that produce different variations of smart solar-powered benches.

smart solar powered table for parks

Aren't you afraid that increasing competition will affect your sales numbers?

Not at all. We are actually very happy about this development since that means the market for smart solar-powered benches is growing, which will consequently increase the demand for these types of products. Smart City market is valued to reach 350 billion dollars by 2030. All EnGoPlanet's products such as Smart solar-powered streetlights and benches are part of the Smart City concept. We want to revolutionize current streetlights and benches to make them more useful for cities and people who live in those cities. This is a huge task and one company cannot do it alone, therefore competition in our case is more than welcome.

How do you plan to revolutionize streetlights and benches?

We see this market similar to the Mobile phone market 30 years ago. In the beginning, a mobile phone provided just one function, talking, today mobile phone is a multi-functional device that provides many other useful services and collects an enormous amount of data. The same thing we want to do with streetlights and benches. Today streetlights and benches provide just one function, streetlights lighting; and benches place to sit. We want to make streetlights and benches smarter and energy-efficient by combining them with solar energy. And not just that, we want to convert them, from constant cost to revenue maker devices.

smart solar powered bench

Do you agree that the prices of smart solar-powered benches are too high for mass deployment?

Our main priority is to make our smart solar-powered benches high quality items, but at the same time more cost-effective with a price that will be more attractive for a wide range of potential clients. Importance of using high-quality components is critical. This is not an ordinary product, the smart solar-powered bench is intended to last at least 15-20 years, exposed to all kinds of outdoor conditions. That is a long period, therefore if you are using low-quality materials and components, (like many of our competitors do), it will be impossible to make a smart solar-powered bench a long term solution for our cities to adopt.

How do you plan to overcome the Price vs Quality problem?

We at EnGoPlanet decided to develop several new models of Smart solar-powered benches that will have different price points to meet the need of various clients. This way we will keep high-quality components, but we will also be able to offer new benches with lower pricing to meet needs for many clients who could not afford our first smart solar-powered bench model. In addition, we plan to make our supply chain process much more efficient, which will help us to additionally lower the cost of the production. Prices for our smart solar powered benches now range from $2800 up to $5500 depending on the model.

smart solar powered benches

What is your target geographic market in the future?

We are a US-based company, so the US is our main target. We had many projects already, but we didn't even scratch the surface of the full potential for smart solar-powered benches in the US. However, other markets such as Europe, Africa and Middle East are also equally important for us. We plan to aggressively invest our resources into marketing and sales activities. Also we plan to make synergy with potential partners that can help us to ramp our sales up.

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