Vertical Solar powered streetlights for Puerto Rico

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Solar powered streetlights are one of the easiest and cost-effective way to light up streets and other public areas in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers the perfect ecosystem for maximizing returns on a solar streetlight installation. With the current push to be 100% renewable by 2050, solar street lighting will be the most useful product for the people of Puerto Rico.

EnGoPlanet solar lighting solutions offers superior quality, hurricane resistant solar lighting design where vertical solar streetlight option offers minimal wind effect on the pole’s foundation. Made in USA solar streetlights that EnGoPlanet produce are specially design for areas with high and strong wind. Vertical solar streetlight presents the best option and below we will elaborate more about all the details about all the benefits of vertical solar streetlights.

Vertical Solar Streetlight module
Vertical Solar streetlight module

Many companies in the solar lighting industry resell products that are manufactured in China. The problem with Chinese products is that main producers in this industry are using low quality components to lower the cost. This practice affects the overall lifetime of the solar streetlight. When buyer install solar streetlight, they expect it will last at least 10 years. Latest research showed that Chinese made solar streetlight have an average lifespan of less than 2 years.

What sets EnGoPlanet solar streetlights apart is that our American-Designed lighting systems are superior in quality. We are using high quality components from reputable producers such as Victron Energy, who is the leader in MPPT Controllers and other Solar equipment. Additionally, by operating with lower overhead, we can provide a better-quality product that does not cost significantly more that Chinese products. Our solar streetlights have much longer lifetime, 10+ years, and the cost of maintenance is significantly lower, as our battery, controller, and other parts last much longer. In addition we provide 5 years warranty on our vertical solar streetlight.

We offer many different options. You can choose from different pole heights and designs, and from a wide range of LED luminaire lamps. In addition, if you have special request we can also design solar streetlight as per your directions and wishes.

EnGoPlanet Vertical Solar streetlight is also perfect retrofit solution. These vertical solar streetlight modules can be installed on your existing light poles, further reducing costs when converting an existing system to solar power.

vertical solar streetlights
Smart Solar streetlights vertical

Installing Solar street lights for your business, municipality or community is one of the ways you can dramatically cut costs while building all-weather resilience.

We offer different levels of lighting, depending on your needs. As always, quality is of the utmost importance. Here’s what makes our lights better:

Higher Lux per Watt

Unlike many of the brands who merely resell other companies’ solar lights, we decided to take a different road.

Our Research and Design Center has optimized the LED configurations and lighting spread to deliver the best lighting with the least amount of power. Using the latest Phillips 175 lumen per watt LED chips.

But, we didn’t stop there.

Our street lights offer Easy Assembly and Disassembly, Strong heating ventilation to avoid lacerate and dust deposition and 5 years of warranty for the whole luminaire.

Whether you need 10 light poles or 1,000, we can deliver next project.

No auxiliary power and no trenching required. Our solar streetlights are designed to work 100% off grid reliably for many years.

EnGoPlanet solar street lamp systems for parking lots and highways come in many options: 6600 lumens, 8800 lumens, 12800 lumens, 14300 lumens and our new 16,000+ lumens for standard fixtures.


vertical solar streetlight
EnGoPlanet Vertical Solar Streetlight Module

Vertical solar streetlight is not just much better solution because of the wind, but it also looks much better from the aesthetic standpoint. It will make your community more modern and beautiful place to live.

Solar Panel efficiency

Our solar panels deliver more power in a smaller area, with, a reduced voltage-temperature coefficient- factors no other company will discuss. They also excel in high temperature and low-light conditions, which means they begin producing power sooner and continue producing power longer, guaranteeing a reliable source of energy for your street light.

High Quality MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Charge controller that we use have Maximum Power Point Tracking charging technology. This allows our controller to increase charge current by up to 30% more over conventional solar charge controllers. More power for less cost! These MPPT charge controller also comes standard with our Bluetooth programming and monitoring phone app. View every pole over your phone and know exactly what is happening in real time!

Our Bluetooth feature and added current capacity enables us to manage better, store, and conserve energy which means you get the most out of each solar panel and the most out of your solar lighting system.

We also offer Remote Management monitoring for central monitoring over wide areas. Easy monitoring over every solar street lighting system on the entire island of Puerto Rico and other areas is possible.

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