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Vertical Solar powered streetlights

New EnGo Tower 2.0 is a vertical solar powered streetlight that is so far the best solution that EnGoPlanet team developed. This cost effective solar streetlight module is able to meet different project requirements and to power LED lights ranging from 30W up to 200W.

vertical solar streetlights

This vertical solar streetlight has many benefits over traditional solar powered streetlights. The most important feature that makes this product unique is the battery that can handle extreme temperatures from -20 to up to 80C degrees. The battery is the most important component in the solar streetlight system. If you want to have long lifespan of your solar streetlight, choose high quality battery. EnGoPlanet developed special battery housing with three layers of isolation, which makes this solar battery the only solution for solar streetlight system that can handle harsh outdoor environment. In addition, this battery is not stored underground like many other solar streetlight solutions out there. It is securely stored inside the unit, which makes it very easy to maintain and replace.

vertical solar streetlights cost

Another benefit of this vertical smart solar powered streetlight is the ability to install it on both new and existing poles. This feature opens the door for retrofit projects, where local municipalities or private clients can upgrade their existing streetlights to become smart and solar powered. By doing that they can convert their existing streetlights from cost to revenue maker.

vertical solar powered streetlights cost

As you can see on the image above, this vertical solar powered streetlight module can be installed on almost any pole. By adding multiple solar powered modules, you will increase the solar power of your streetlight to power LED luminaries ranging from 30W to 200W.

Overall this is so far the most advanced solar streetlight solution that you should definitely consider for your solar streetlight project.

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