Use of Technology in buliding sustainable planet – A Solar Street Lights combined with kinetic ener

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With the rapidly urbanizing world the scuffle is between lightened and dull city, EnGoPlanet Solar Street Lights enables urban communities and organizations lighting as a great spot to begin the journey of sustainability. Eating up to a 50 % of energy budget aging roads lights are creating a extensive economic consideration with the use of LEDs network which decreases the costs by 66% decreasing operational costs also.

A great challenge faced by cities these days in select a solar street lights system is utilization of economies of scale, sellers Administrators ought to choose a strong system incorporating Intelligent Sensors, LED color change, Charge Spot. EnGOPLANET Solar Street Lights is a keen system that overhauls the framework in addition to making a smart & safe City implication helping facilitators and administrations develop and transform the cities in the future.

1. These lights reduces carbon footprint and it also helps to reduce operation costs in long term.

2. It offers:

  • Light On Demand Sensor
  • Air Quality Sensor (No2,Co)
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Video Survelance & Analytic
  • Trafic Montioring & Counter
  • Water Detection

3. Noise Detection

4. Movement Detection can be observed by movement sensors that are able to observer footfall as well as traffic flow

5. Wi-Fi Service is provided by an intelligent street lighting that helps to facilitate the citizens in a particular area, which is a great benefit.

6. EnGoPlanet Charge spot with Waterproof USB Ports Wireless Charging Pad enables free charging zone for the public

7. Lower Installation & maintenance costs

8. Large display combined with LED color change option presents a great branding and advertisement opportunity.

Solar Street lights provide the residents and business with security and safety thus accruing to be an integral part of city making it more intelligent network. EnGoPLANET is committed to drive the path with Dynamic Solar Street Lighting with considerable monetary aspects as well as quality.

For both resident & business community, EnGoPLANET solar street light provides a customized lighting network service helps in promotion of economy at the night time as well especially in the developing countries like in Asia: India, Oman, Iran, etc. and also Africa.

The real aim of providing solar street light services is to utilize resources in the long term to enhance the life quality, enable security, and economic well being of the people.

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