New urban design:Smart Solar Benches

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The smart solar bench is an interactive bench made to meet the need of today’s connected consumers. This new urban design will completely transform urban cities and replace the regular benches to create a safer and user -friendly environment.

smart solar bench
This smart ecological furniture is a new inclusion to the smart city concept. Most cities across the world are looking for ways to make their communities and environment smarter and the people that reside in it friendly. They are also looking for ways to make their energy more stable and install more technologies that will not be solely dependent on the power grid. A solar smart bench is one of those technologies, it is powered simply on the same principle of solar panels, the PV panel can be placed above the bench, inside it, depending on the model of the bench. The panels harness the energy from the sun and convert it to power, and this power can be used to charge several devices like phones, laptops, cameras, etc. and perform so many other functions. So, whether you are in the mall waiting for your wife, or you are in the park with your kids, or you want to make an emergency call, or wok or study on your device, you can easily walk up to a solar bench and relax or work a while, while also having the opportunity of charging your phone or device.

The major advantage of the solar power bench is that it is solely powered by solar power which is a major source of renewable energy. The earth resources are depleting at a very fast rate, the major sources of energy are reducing at a very rapid rate, and this begs the question of alternatives, renewable source of energy, and this is where solar energy comes in. The solar energy is gotten from the suns heat and light, and it is harnessed using a variety of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy etc.
smart bench solar powered
This energy can be harnessed every day and anywhere all over the world, we can never run out of solar energy unlike other sources of energy, this form of energy will be available to us, so far as we have the sun.

This form of energy is also clean and ecologically friendly, it causes little or no harm to the environment. So, we all not only have a bench that would be able to trap energy from the sun to power devices, but it is also environmentally friendly, and causes less pollution as opposed to other technological devices powered by other forms of energy

Also, with the introduction of the smart power bench, the traditional usage of a bench which is used for communication and relaxing has evolved. Traditional benches like every other thing are also through a phase of re-design by many companies that are trying to make them more useful and smarter. With the smart power bench, you now have the option of relaxing and charging your device at the same time, the smart bench creates the option of free charging with its USB ports and wireless charging pads that support all devices. The smart bench also serves as a Wi-Fi HotSpot, it provides free internet and safe free Wi-Fi in public spaces it also can be used as a public lighting spot at night, it has led lightning that can provide safety at night while shock and ant vandal resistant. The smart bench has also been designed to have inbuilt sensors like weather, air quality, noise detector etc.

In addition to this, your smart bench could have the additional feature of a display poster. An EnGoPlanet’s smart solar bench has the additional feature of a vertical display that is illuminated on both sides communication by the city, it could also contain content information like the map of the city, the phone book. It could also be used for commercial purposes and can be used to advertise a product or a brand. The smart bench also has the feature of CCTV, music, etc.

Reading about all these amazing features of a smart bench, I am sure you want to get one for the community. If you are looking to build a sustainable and smarter city, then buying a smart bench is a step further in your plans and you can get your solar smart bench from The solar bench is a new inclusion to the urban furniture, is not just a bench, it is a genius design that gives you the comfort of relaxing and communicating or working or studying while also charging your phone, camera or laptop. At EnGoPlanet, the smart solar bench is designed to meet the changing need of our environment, with a modern outlook that makes it look attractive that gives “taking a seat” a new meaning. It is available in all RAL colors, so you can choose any color that matches the color of your city, and it is straightforward to install. The EnGoPlanet’s smart solar benches are also completely weather resistant and safe from vandalism and theft, and you might be wondering, how that is possible? This smart bench is guarded to prevent unauthorized opening and the system is being monitored so you can be informed of unusual circumstances.

smart solar powered bench
This unique design is perfectly suitable for:







-Public office compound,


-Train and Bus stations,

-Walkways on the beach etc.

In Conclusion

If you want to experience the wonderful dimension of smart solar energy for your community contact us already for high quality smart solar benches.

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