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How many types of Renewable Energy Sources?

There are various energy sources, out there, that are renewable and above all, they are environment-friendly and make use of varied natural processes. Such energy sources offer an alternative cleaner energy source, assisting to nullify the effects of different types of pollution.

There is no doubt that such power generation methods can also be termed as renewable because they won’t be depleting any other source in order to create the energy. Below-mentioned 7 energy sources go to prove that we can significantly cut down our dependency rate on the fossil fuels.

Tidal Power

There are two ways in which tidal power can be generated – barrage generation and stream generators. The power that you get to generate through the tidal generators are more environment-friendly, above all, they have less impact on the established ecosystems. Pretty much like a wind turbine, varied stream generators assist in rotating underwater. Despite the fact that it not widely used, it does possess the potential for future electricity generation.

Wave Power

Wave power can be defined as the transport of the energy via ocean surface waves and to seize that energy to useful work – water pumping, generation of electricity, and water desalination. Since the ocean waves direction cannot be predicted, it is quite difficult to harness the wave energy.

Solar Power

Photovoltaic (PV) solar power can be described as harnessing the energy of the sun in order to produce electricity. With the advancement in the field of technology, solar cells have also become quite advanced, flexible, and mobile, hence really coming handy in easy installation. The use of PVs is mainly done to power varied small & medium-sized applications. In recent years, solar installations have also increased considerably especially in the residential areas as governments are offering lucrative incentive programs to make green energy more economically feasible option. In addition, many cities across the globe are switching to more sustainable and energy resilient LED street lighting options powered by solar energy.

smart solar powered street lights

smart solar street lights by EnGoPlanet

Wind power

Using the wind turbines, wind energy is converted into a useful form including mechanical and electrical energy. Mainly providing electricity to the remote areas, large-scale wind farms are fastened to the local power transmission network along with small turbines. Varied residential units are entering production, they are powerful enough to power large appliances to entire house as per the sizes. As compared to others sources of energy, all those wind farms, installed on the agricultural land, have minimal environmental effects.

In the past, wind energy was being used to propel the sailing ships or gets converted into mechanical energy to pump the water or grinding grain, however, the key application of wind power is to generate electricity.