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Transforming Bus Stops with Solar energy and Smart features

An estimation is that we have more than 3 million bus stops in the USA alone and more than 300 million bus stops around the world. As cities rapidly advance into the age of smart technology, it’s only a matter of time before the vast number of bus stops must also get smarter, solar and connected.

With the advent of smart cities, urban areas are beginning to develop advanced networks in which all aspects of infrastructure are connected via the internet. In other words, everything from the street light, benches to transportation can all interact with the user and provide many useful features. Think the same way as mobile phone transformed from the device that provides just one function, to the multi functional apparatus that makes our lives easier.

While this might sound like science fiction, it’s closer than we might think – you do not need to purchase an entirely new bus stop in order to reap the benefits of the current smart revolution. EnGoPlanet developed a special solar-powered device that can be attached to almost any Bus stop and make it a smart solar-powered unit. This means that Bus stop will not just be independent of the grid, considering that they will produce solar energy, moreover it will provide them with the many sensors that will collect an enormous amount of data.

Below are some of the features that could be incorporated into bus stops:

USB Charging

80% of people now have access to a smartphone. As many of us know, the numerous features of such powerful devices result in a battery that can quickly deplete.

Providing mobile charging solutions for passengers offers a clear solution to the all-too-common problem of a battery running low. Smart technology provides users with the ability to maintain a charged phone or tablet, ensuring that they always have the means to make the most of the network’s other advanced features.

Public WiFi

The advantages of installing WiFi hot spots into bus poles are clear: greater access to online services results in a more enjoyable transport experience for all. With access to WiFi, public transport presents a clear advantage over driving and allows commuters to make the most of their time spent traveling.

Lighting and Illumination

The busy schedule of modern life means that many people work long hours. With many cities opting to run night-time services, ensuring that public transport is just as accessible after dark with adequate lighting and illumination is more important than ever.

Solar Power

Solar energy is an important player in the bus stop transformation. Solar panels incorporated into bus stops will deliver a fully renewable service of the bus stop station. This ensures remote areas and other rural areas can also benefit from illuminated bus stop stations, eliminating the bus stop’s dependency on access to the power grid.

Smart Sensors

A wide range of smart sensors that collect data from various factors such as air pollution through to traffic monitoring could be also incorporated on the Smart Solar Bus Stop Station

Paper ink display

Solar-powered wireless e-paper display with high contrast HD resolution that instantly streams live travel updates. This smart paper ink display will be powered via solar energy and it will open the door to different ways for monetization as this smart solar bus stops station will be installed in areas where currently there are not any bus stop stations. To learn more about smart solar powered bus stops visit

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