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The city of Princeton installed Smart Solar Street Lights

Thirty-seven Smart off-grid solar street lights were installed in the Princeton Municipal Park surrounding the Municipal Center by the City of Princeton, Texas. The city has taken steps to improve its local infrastructure in an effort to promote sustainable alternatives and increase energy resilience.

The solar-powered LED street lights are intended to operate entirely on energy generated by solar panels and the sun and do not require any additional wiring. This makes it possible to redistribute energy that would normally be taken from the local power grid in order to maintain street lighting.

The lights are not only a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional street lighting, but they also minimize infrastructure disruption, demonstrating that switching to eco-friendly alternatives can be simpler than many people believe. This makes room for smart infrastructure that can work without power grids, weather, or anything else, all while being more sustainable in the long term.

Solar Street Lights

"Energy conservation and sustainability is the way of the future, the City of Princeton is proud to be able to implement these types of energy alternatives," said Derek Borg, City of Princeton City Manager.

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