Why Sustainable design is important?

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Usually we all assume that product characteristics related to care and saving the planet, carbon footprint reduction or recycling will inspire people to purchase.

Is it always the case?

Usually, companies follow this logic to develop products with positive ecological impact that looks average and with well fitted functions. It relies on functions, benefits and features not design in most of the cases. This type of strategy has limited range, since it doesn’t include emotions and ignore the fact that we are all human

beans. People very often use logic, design first and impact last.

Let’s use fashion as a great example. We get dressed every morning motivated first and foremost by style. According to the Hufftington Post article fashion is the second largest pollution industry in the world, second is oil.

We all choose style and emotion, but neglecting consequences related to Earth.

Design is crucial to sales of all products including the sustainable products as well, but most products are created to target technical features rather than emotions.

EnGoPlanet is a company that invests in design and offer products that have great technical specifications, but also high esthetic value.

We accomplished that our buyers are proud of installed sustainable EnGoPlanet Solar Street light and Smart Solar Bench products.
solar powered street lights and benches
The New York Times criticized the communication surrounding sustainability blaming it as one of the reasons it’s yet to “go big.” Said technical, boring language confuses consumers and instead, urged brands to do a better job of exciting and inspiring them.

We at EnGoPlanet are more than aware of that fact and committed to design and consumers’ emotions. All our products are designed in accordance with the latest design trends and beyond. Specially we are proud of our Engo 6 solar street light award winning design, that presents great example of street light and urban furniture products.

Richard van der Laken, Co-Founder of initiative What Design Can Do believes design can play an important role in encouraging consumers to make better decisions.

He points to Tesla as an example of a company that made a strategic choice to launch a cool sports car, that was not only electric, but focused on the fast and dangerous curves of its power too. “This is an important task for designers,” he said, “to make products that seduce people in the most positive sense of the word.”

Appealing to The Heart vs. The Mind

The sustainability as the reference for buying is still at the beginning.

Consumers start to understand the concept of sustainability and ecofriendly products. EnGoPlanet is providing solutions that are technically at the highest level, also investing in design to make appearance of our products more appealing and soul touching.

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