Solar Street Poles and Benches as an active part of Smart City concept

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Smart City is an integrated system that uses modern technology to manage city functions such as Solar Street Pole Lighting, transportation, water and electric power resources and many others.

Internet of Things is the concept that connects any device to the internet. Internet network uses various sensors and data collectors that connects traditional infrastructure to the advanced centralized command system. According to Bloomberg by 2020 there will be 26 billion of connected devices.

EnGoPlanet Solar Street Lights smart solar benches
To emphasize importance of Smart City Concept implementation, I will mention the fact that the majority of the world population is living in cities. United Nation marked the 2007 as a reference year presented point where more than 50% of the world’s population lived in cities. Today that ratio is even higher.

This fact together with fast infrastructure development creates an urgent need to implement advanced Smart Cities solutions based on IoT.

The concept is today becoming reality in many cities all over the world.

Integration of sensors and devices using Internet of Things has enabled cities to collect more data than ever before.

This opens some new challenges.

-Challenge to prepare city IT infrastructure to deal with data collected from thousand data sources in real time.

-Challenge to translate data into action. New tools are needed to quickly process, understand and make a decision.

-Challenge is is accommodating the increasing rate of change. As more data become available, cities have the opportunity to make better decisions. This makes the case for gathering even more data, leading to a virtuous cycle of data.

Internet of Things solutions is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of modern cities. City managers all over the world together with service providers and companies such as EnGoplanet are using smart, connected solutions to overcome urban challenges.

This is giving results in energy efficiency for example EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light products.

Other solutions are providing improvements in utility, sustainability, transport, waste management and improving quality of services and saving cost in the process.

The reality is that the IoT allows virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place. Many of which we can’t even think of or fully understand the future impact.
smart solar powered bench

It’s not hard to see why the IoT is such a hot topic today. Certainly it opens the door to a lot of opportunities but also to many challenges.

EnGoPlanet is proud to be part of the future with IoT integrated products that are helping our cities to become Smart Cities.

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