Solar street lights finally make sense!

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How does EnGoPlanet US company from New York fits trends in Solar Street Lights – renewable energy and cost saving solutions.
smart solar street lights led cost
Let’s start from present situation and answer a question, where are we today?

Today’s world compared to last decade is not the same place. Global understanding and awareness of sustainability is creating new demand.

World is facing energy shortage of fossil fuels. Depends of fossil energy is enormous although resources are limited and humanity is heading towards the wall. Technology progress and economy of scale production results in cost reduction and affordable prices of Solar Street Lights components.

In one-year Earth absorbs about 3.850.00 extra joules (EJ).

This is twice as much as deposits of fossil fuels found on the Earth including oil, coals, gas and others. This is clear indicator of path to follow. Free solar energy is not the only advantage of EnGoPlanet Smart Solar street light.

Solar powered street lightning EnGO Planet street light has lower on site placing cost.

There is no need for connection to electric greed and earth works.

Solar smart street light is reducing energy consumption by using advanced LED lamps, smart wi-fi management. This means lower electric consumption by managing light power depending on period of the day and traffic.Completely autonomy up to 4-5 days even present reliable solution for various applications.

Why is called smart ligh solution?

The main reason for the smart street light name is connectivity to internet network and remote software control of EnGoPlanet solar smart street lights components.

Traditional lightning comparing to EnGoPlanet solar street light solution waste enormous energy since its automatically turn on during same period of the day, during dark but it lights in some periods when there is day light.

Smart EnGoPlanet solar systems are using advance technology. The system is managed remotely by software that allows completely and effortless control on each LED lamp.

Additional sensors are implemented for various functions: day light sensor, motion sensor, weather sensor, weather sensor, video surveillance, air pollution monitoring sensor, traffic counting sensor all wi-fi connected.
smart solar street light led cost
smart solar street light cost
For example, lightning can be reduced on lowest level during period without traffic or pedestrians.

When motion sensor registers vehicle or pedestrian the lights are turn on to needed power.

This feature is called diming and allows that power of LED lamp can be reduced or increased during period of the day and night to make the saving in power consumption.

EnGO Planet smart solution allows monitoring of all lamps individually and detects faults and by that saving maintenance cost and improving lightning reliability.
smart solar street lights led cost price
Lets sum up some cost savings of EnGoPlanet smart solar streets lights.

-Modular system of EnGoPlanet solar solutions can be adopted to fit various needs of different applications and geographical location

-By using newest LED lightning lamp, smart solution is using less than 80% energy comparing to traditional

-Cost saving in implementation, maintenance and operating cost is 50% lower

-Advanced batteries providing longer autonomy

-Advanced Hi-Tech sensors implementation day-night sensor, motion sensor, weather sensor, video surveillance, air pollution monitoring sensor, traffic counting sensor.

-Long life span of LED lamps compared to traditional

-Dimming option- LED light power management to reduce power consuption

-Lower cost of implementation no need for grid cables network and el. infrastructure

-Smaller foot print of pole – lees needed room

-Modern design

-Advanced US and European components

Over all EnGoPlanet solar street light system requires less maintenance its more economical and requires low investment cost to build it.

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