Solar Street Lighting Trends and Prices in the USA

Trends in solar street lighting are evolving, and there are currently three leading solar street light models that are being used for all global projects in public lighting. The price and cost truly depends on the market and clients' requirements. Anyhow below are the three types of solar powered LED street lights that are currently the best buy options:

- All-in-One integrated Solar Street Light model

When it comes to fast and effective installation, wire-free, modern and simple design, all in one is by far the best solution. For pathways, trails, bicycle lanes, campuses, smaller streets, and parking lots, this is the right solution. The battery is stored inside the unit, together with the LED and the solar panel on top. There is no cabling, no digging, but only a single ON/OFF button. It can also serve as a hybrid AC/DC solution, perfect for the replacement of old sodium lamps. It basically eliminates 90% of monthly expenses, after the initial investment, leaving ZERO carbon footprint. This model is new in EnGoPlanet portfolio and is the most affordable option.

- Vertical Solar Street Light model

vertical all in one solar street light

The solutions with vertical solar panels came as the new generation of solar street lights, and the true heir to the standard model. First of all the design is very slim and durable which is important for locations with strong wind, primarily around the coast.

Battery storage can be both inside the unit, and underground depending on the type of project. For extreme temperatures, it is always suggested to have underground battery storage. With panels at each side, it provides 360 degrees charge throughout the day.

EnGo Tower 2.0 solar module, can fit all pole types and can be installed on the existing pole as a retrofit. A single module has a total 160 Wp, four-sided solar panels and can fit up to 4 modules for the poles above 35ft. Considering all these benefits vertical solutions are highly suitable for general public street lighting.

- Standard model - the first generation of solar lighting

Solar street lights as all other products are developing and improving. In terms of design, it started in its simplest form with a regular panel on top of the pole, and battery storage underground. There is nothing wrong with such a solution, it is only a bit outdated in terms of design. In general industrial zones do not really have a problem with that as long as it is working properly. Therefore, standard solar street lights can maintain its market share. EnGoPlanet offers this solution to clients that insist on such design.

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