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Solar Street Lighting poles for Native American Tribes

Solar Street Lighting poles for Native American Tribes

EnGoPlanet, the largest Solar street lighting producer in the US, often receives inquiries from Tribal leaders throughout the US, to bring much-needed light to roadways, underlit areas, parks, walking trails, and many other areas that need public lighting.

Reliable EnGoPlanet solar streetlights will not just help keep areas safe, but it also can expand working hours for many areas that currently do not have access to the power grid.

Bringing traditional streetlights to remote areas is not just a complicated and time-consuming, but also an expensive task. Solar street lighting is designed exactly for locations like this.

Reduce maintenance and costs

Installing solar lighting is just the beginning. Smart Solar lights mean smart engineering, so they are built to last, with no scheduled maintenance for the first decade. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar lights provide an attractive alternative to grid-connected lighting. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar streetlight solutions can bring in average savings of almost 60% compared to traditional street lights.

Fast installation

Smart Solar streetlights have a much faster installation time as there is no need for digging trenches, cabling, and connecting it to the power grid.

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