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Solar Street Light Project Overview: World Cup in Qatar

The green strategy of Qatar has dominated several infrastructure developments as the country gears up for the World Cup. Among the many actions taken, Doha's installation of Smart solar street lights aims to strengthen its commitment to sustainability.

Solar Street Lights for World Cup in Qatar
Solar Street Lights for World Cup in Qatar

EnGoPlanet installed its 350 entirely off-the-grid solar streetlights at various sites throughout Doha. One of the most popular aesthetic products, EnGo Leaf solar street light has been installed in locations all over the world, including Nevada, Texas, and Antigua and Barbuda. It has previously won a prestigious A' Design Award in Street Furniture Design.

Besides successful worldwide projects and installations of solar street lights, EnGoPlanet produces smart solar furniture such as smart solar benches and smart solar bus shelters. Growing demand for these products can reflect the turn towards alternatives and sustainable solutions in order to build Smart Cities of the future.

Smart Solar Street Lights

Given their capacity to operate completely off-grid and their ease of installation, solar street lights are among the most practical and cost-effective uses of solar energy in smart city infrastructure. Solar street lights are suited for use in many regions throughout the world. This can be especially helpful for Africa, where more than 800 million people now don't have access to light.

Investment in environmentally friendly infrastructure not only helps Qatar reposition itself as a green hotspot but also conveys to World Cup visitors that there is no Planet B.

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