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Solar Street Light price and costs involved

No doubt solar-powered street lights have become quite popular these days for the benefits it offers to the citizens. It's less energy cost, reduced battery prices and the new technologies that consume less energy. No doubt these solar-powered street lights provide lighting without any electrical power source and are also not connected to any grid. The main thing about these lights is that they require a battery which stores the energy that the solar panels harness from the sun, which gets converted to light.

solar powered street light pole

These solar street lights also use the latest LED technology which gives brighter light with a high rate of lumens and less energy. These LED lights have a longer life in contrast to the traditional lighting system. The LED lights have 80,000 working hours while the later ones only run for 10 to 15 thousand hours with more failure rates. In the traditional lighting systems metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps gives much lower CRI (color rendering index) while LED lights can be colored with anyway and which conjures to CRI with better visibility and many distribution patterns.

solar powered street light pole

There are also now many types of pole designs that you could choose, with each can blend with modern landscapes and also gives a unique look. These poles impact the lighting output and its parameters also depend on where you would like to have poles installed. These poles could also be decorative, octagonal or swaged poles of different heights and width, and with different specifications.

Solar Street Light with Pole Price

If you are thinking about its purchase price, the initial investment of the off-grid solar lights is two times more than the traditional street light system. However, over the period of time suppose in 8 years period the cost of the maintenance and electricity costs can get approximately 10,000 USD while the cost of the solar street lights becomes lesser approximately 5000 USD.

Installation Cost

If you are contemplating on new installations, traditional lighting systems need wiring, and underground trenches for connection with the grid lines but the solar poles are stand alone as they do not require wiring systems. You only need to install a pole, light, solar panel and battery. It needs less than one hour to install a single pole for solar light. New solar street light solutions such as EnGo Tower have integrated systems where all electronics, including the battery are stored inside the unit, which eliminated the need for underground battery storage.In many remote areas this presents great benefit since it will prevent any kind of stealing or damaging. Maintenance Cost

Yet another problem is maintenance cost which many facilities and city managers have to undergo while dealing with the street light systems. Sodium bulbs have a life span of 5 years while LED lights for more than 10 years. Now as the technology is underway that gives remote access to the management of the lights from a centralized location, the cost of managing these lighting systems is 70 percent less than the traditional system. However, the solar-powered electric systems should replace their batteries after five years or depends on the type of batteries installed. High-quality batteries can run longer.

solar powered street light retrofit kit

New Technological innovations

Now the governments of different nations are giving a boost to the solar industry and making way for the innovation which led to the reduction of the cost. Technological advancement and inducements for data services led to the higher energy efficient LED lights and make way for the increase in ROI for investors. Motion sensors are getting integrated, and wireless networks are being used to get information on the quantum of energy used and the performance of the light in real time. The fault notifications also reduce the maintenance cost by 60 percent and this includes the labor cost. The LED lights including remote management accessibility have created a lot of scope for the deployment of the solar led street lights. And even natural disasters do not deter the operations of the solar led street lights.

Now many types of solar-powered pole lights have appeared in the market offering quality and complying with industrial standards. Majority of the products have a much longer life, give great performance and have robust construction, made of materials like aluminum structure, and could be off-grid solar system.

So overall the solar-powered pole lighting systems offer high-efficiency lights, cheap cost, the life of the system, Good color retention and proper aesthetics.


The solar street lights are now much in demand and so the governments of the majority of nations are giving a boost to the solar industry in the form of incentives. These factors cause the prices to fall. The article is a brief highlight of how solar street light is the best bet for investment now and is reducing electricity cost.

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