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Solar powered street light for industrial complex

In this blog we will present you our latest Solar LED Street Light project where EnGoPlanet partnered with one of the world's largest tire manufacturer: Michelin. Their branch in Serbia decided to replace old and inefficient street lights with EnGoPlanet solar lighting solutions. Below we will elaborate all the benefits of this project and present the components that we used for our Solar LED Street Light.

solar powered street light

Michelin decided to try Solar powered LED Street Light in order to provide lighting in needed areas where grid power is inaccessible or costly to bring to a site. Also they wanted to have a grid alternative to showcase their green initiative. Other companies with Solar LED Street Light projects also are looking to get LEED points for a new project installation. Solar powered LED Street Lights are a great option and a cost-effective solution for projects where client wants to lower their energy and maintenance cost. There are many other benefits to choosing Solar powered LED Street Lights over traditional grid lighting.

solar powered led street lights

Green Showcase Solar LED Street lighting is a green option to traditional lighting using no power at all from the grid, since the systems are completely powered by solar energy. The solar panel charge batteries during the day and most batteries are completely recyclable, especially the ones used in a solar application. At night, the efficient LED fixtures that now can reach almost 165 lummens per watt, operate off the stored power to light up the area. The next day, this process repeats with no outside energy source.

solar powered led street lights

Lower Installation Cost Installation of Solar powered Street Lights are very simple and fast, and with much lower cost since there is no trenching to the grid power to the location the lights are required. Solar Poles still get set just like with standard grid powered light, however, there is no underground conduit running from the main power source from pole to pole. All wiring is located at the top of the pole or on a nearby pole for some installations and is also low voltage which makes it much safer for installation and maintenance.

solar powered led street lights

NO Energy Bills Lastly, there are no electrical power bills associated with utilizing solar LED powered street lights. The initial costs of a commercial system can be intimidating, but the overall savings can easily be shown when compared to the above reasons. There are also financial incentives to reduce the initial costs of the solar system when dealing with commercial systems, see online at For your next project when you are looking to light up an area, whether it is your back yard or a large or small industrial or parking lot, look into solar led powered lighting options as your first choice and make an impact on both the environment and the area you are lighting.

We at EnGoPlanet would love to work with you. For more info about Solar powered Street Lights please visit

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