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Solar-powered Park Table

In this blog post, we will present to you our new product: EnGo Smart solar-powered park table. Parks are designed for human enjoyment and recreation. However, for parks to catch up with technology advancements, they need to install new equipment that will allow them to offer new services in order to extend people's stay in the park. Our Smart solar-powered park table is one of those products.

solar powered park table

The smart solar-powered table is a new version of the traditional park table with included new services that are necessary for today's life, such as internet access and charging station for portable devices (mobile, tablet, computer..)

During the day embedded solar panel will produce energy, that will be stored in hidden battery that will power other features of the table. Using 2 USB ports and 2 Wireless charging pads, this smart solar table will provide people with a place where they can enjoy, work or study in nature. This smart solar-powered table is so cool since it is not connected to the power grid which enables installation almost everywhere. Imagine working a couple of hours from nature, using a seamless internet connection and without worrying that your laptop or mobile phone will stay without juice.

We hope to see these smart solar-powered tables in parks and national camps all over the US very soon. For more information please visit

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