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Solar Powered Lighting for Oilfield Facilities and Well Sites

Solar LED Lighting is a perfect off-the-grid, permanent and dependable solution to lighting oil & gas facilities, well sites, tank farms, compressor stations and yards in remote locations. Usually far away from any existing infrastructure, properly lighting these oilfield sites is a challenging and expensive problem to solve. This leaves manpower and expensive oil & gas equipment in the dark and not secure. With the use of renewable solar energy and the advent of permanent solar lighting, these challenges are now a thing of the past for oilfield sites.

Off-grid solar street lights from engoplanet, ideal for oil and gas industry
Remote locations aren't a problem for EnGo Solar Street Lights

Solar lighting brings a wide array of advantages to lighting remote oilfield and mining areas. With no need to trench in a power source, Solar LED Lights can be very easily installed anywhere. Plant and play! Simply mount the pole and you are out of the dark and in business. A second advantage solar lighting brings to oil&gas is minimal maintenance requirements. With the proven long-life resilience of LED lamps and lithium batteries, there is very little to maintain. Solar power also means that your well site or facility will remain well lit, even during power outages. In short, it always works! Finally, no electrical costs! Solar lights can be configured to remain off the grid and 100% independently powered bringing long term cost savings to your yard or facility.

In recent years the oil and gas industry has experienced bad press due to the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. Renewable solar power is a green solution that requires nothing from the grid, generates no air pollution and only GOOD press! A newer source of pollution that is of some concern is light pollution. Solar LED lighting can be fully Dark Sky Compliant meaning the lights provided can be fit for your purpose while also remaining environmentally sound.

engo slim solar street light

Purchasing solar lights has also never been easier. With options available such as EnGo Utility, solar lighting can be sourced for oilfield applications with no up-front costs and 100% turnkey. All of your solar lighting needs can be covered with a very affordable monthly rate which will cover all production, installation and maintenance for the duration of the contract. Protection plans are also available that would cover any physical damage caused by weather or vehicular damage etc. That’s right, EnGoPlanet has your lights covered when a driver backs into them!

Solar Lighting from EnGoPlanet is #oilfieldstrong

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