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Why Solar LED Street Light suppliers from the US and Europe are different from China?

Suppliers and manufacturers of Solar Street lights with LED lamps from US and Europe are becoming more competitive with the price and wining more projects over Chinese solar street light manufacturers and suppliers. In this blog post, we will try to identify reasons why is this happening on the solar market.

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First we will briefly repeat how solar powered street lights work. During the day solar panel (PV-photo voltaic module) produce solar energy from the sun and that energy is going to the battery. During the night that stored energy is used to power LED light. That simple. But...

It sounds simple and easy but in the reality, producing high quality Solar powered street light is not an easy task. There are many solar street light suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world, and they all compete in this growing market. However, all solar street light suppliers and manufacturers are not the same.

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Many Chinese suppliers and manufacturers (not all of them) are trying to dump their prices by using poor quality components. In order to get a better understanding about the solar powered street light, we will list all components that are part of it, from the bottom up: solar panels, batteries, MPPT controller, metal parts, pole, wires,fuses etc. Each of these components are an important part of the solar street light. That is why it is so critical to evaluate each component when choosing what solar street light supplier you will hire to produce solar street lights for your project. After all these solar street lights are intended to stay installed more than 20 years, therefore it is very important not to focus only on the price and cost when choosing solar street light option.

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In the United States, EnGoPlanet , a leading solar street light supplier, is trying to push the quality bar even higher. This New York based company, with additional production facility in Europe, is developing new solar street light solutions that are completely different than competitors. Innovation and technical capabilities of their solar street light solutions are getting more traction all over the world. This US company won several large projects this year and their solar street light solutions are now lighting up the Kuwait Oil Company Headquarter, many Caribbean islands, several cities in the US and Europe.

If you want to learn more about solar street light solutions please press HERE.

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