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Solar LED Batten Light

We are so happy to introduce to you our new product: EnGoPlanet Solar LED Batten Light. This Solar LED light kit is perfect solution for many applications such as: carports, cottages, summer kitchens, home yards, boats, warehouses, garages, camping tents and many many more.

solar led batten light

Benefits of the EnGoPlanet Solar LED Batten Light:

Easy installation

The best feature of the EnGoPlanet Solar LED Batten Light is its very fast and easy installation. In just three steps in less than 30 minutes you can install Solar LED Batten light and get the light you need.

solar led batten light

Strong battery

Solar LED Batten light is equipped with a strong lithium battery. In addition, this light has a motion sensor that will save energy in moment when there is no activity. More than 4 days autonomy in energy saving mode or 12 hrs working in constant lighting with 100% power.

solar led batten light

Efficient Control System

MPPT controller is adopted for solar led batten light, Charging faster by 30% than PWM controller. It ensures battery full charged each day and every night without black even if sunshine intensity is not stable all the year round.

72 Variable Lighting Modes

72 different lighting modes built-in into Solar LED Batten light . Energy saving, and constant lighting modes are switchable freely. Lighting brightness and duration can be set separately.

solar led batten light

IP67 Weatherproof Fixture

Complete plastic material external housing of the Solar LED Batten light, is with aluminum bar inside for more efficient heat dissipation, perfectly designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Dust or moisture never goes inside the Solar LED Batten light.

Uniform Lighting Distribution

Solar LED Batten light is using 0.2W SMD led chips as 0.1W only, drive by lower current, More than 130lm/wa5 allows less power achieves higher efficiency than low market solar lights.

solar led batten light

EnGoPlanet Solar batten light is a perfect solution for many outdoor applications such as carports, bus shelters, warehouses, temporary shelters, outdoor kiosks, street kiosks, camping tents, Boats or any remote locations where grid is not available. Power and length of the lights can be customized to meet different project requirements as well

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