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Solar Energy Uses in Parks

With constant urban expansion and more and more people adopting active lifestyles, our parks and green areas are becoming increasingly important to our population and communities. Modern work schedules also come with a need to be able to use these parks and recreation areas safely after sundown. Solar power offers the perfect, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solution to keep these areas safe during dark hours. Solar powered products are off the grid, meaning no electrical trenching is needed and the grounds are not disturbed upon installation of these products. Using direct bury poles makes this installation process even easier!

engoplanet solar street light engo leaf

Solar lighting technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. These lights are off the grid and are very dependable delivering a high volume of light for the entire night. Not only are these lights very dependable but gone are the days of having to settle for the traditional square solar panel which can be unsightly. Our parks are beautiful. The infrastructure we place in these parks can and should add to the experience of using our green spaces. Examples of modern looking solar lighting that utilizes new award-winning designs are coming from EnGoPlanet. Solar streetlights can also be a great addition to any park, illuminating pathways and allowing people to walk safely at any hour.

engoplanet smart solar bench

To step beyond lighting, EnGoPlanet also offers a Smart Bench that is at home in any city park or remote setting. These benches not only are 100% off the grid, but also provide device charging and Wi-Fi for its users. They also allow for advertising space, so you can inform people resting on the bench about upcoming events, news, etc. These benches are completely reimagining what a park bench can be!

EnGoPlanet’s solar products also bring a wide array of sensory to the table. Useful analytics such as weather data, pedestrian counters, air quality, gun shots and many more sensors are available to help create and manage a smart park and city!

engoplanet smart solar street light engo slim

Products that use solar energy make for an easy and affordable solution for any park. Off-grid, easy installation as well as customisability allow for you to get the most out of these products. Contact us at EnGoPlanet to further discuss the potential for increasing the safety and security of your parks, trails and green spaces while also remaining environmentally friendly. Your park users will thank you!

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