Smart Solar Street Lights key fragment of modern Microgrid

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What is Microgrid?

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.
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How does it work?

A microgrid generally operates while connected to the grid, but importantly, it can break off and operate on its own using local energy generation in times of crisis like storms or power outages, or for other reasons.

A microgrid can be powered by solar panels, generators, batteries or some renewable source. Depending on how it’s fueled and how its requirements are managed, a microgrid might run indefinitely.

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EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights are indispensable part of the Micro Girds. EnGoPlanet street lights are developed to provide 365 days of independent lightning. This is possible by using advanced components such as solar panels and hi-tech batteries and smart technology.

A microgrid that includes EnGoPlanet Solar Street light not only provides backup for the grid in case of emergencies, but can also be used to cut costs. A microgrid allows communities to be more energy independent and more environmentally friendly.

Classification of Microgrids

· Remote grids, which are necessary due to geographical features, such as islands.

· Military and security are grids necessary to maintain data and security during a national catastrophe

· Commercial or industrial grids catering to a specific industrial community

· Community grids that optimize and utilize the specific regional renewable resources to give cost effective power supply

Why is it important?

A microgrid not only provides backup for the grid in case of emergencies, but can also be used to cut costs or connect to a local resource that is too small or unreliable for traditional grid use. A microgrid allows communities to be more energy independent and, in some cases, more environmentally friendly.

· Improving local energy delivery

· Increasing reliability

· Saving money

· Generating revenue – feed in tariff

· Aiding economic growth

· Making the grid more resilient

· Helping to counter climate change

Microgrids and Renewable Energy

Microgrids are cost effective only if powered by locally available renewable energy resources.

Solar energy is available everywhere. Wind, mini and bio mass are regionally available and can augment Solar energy. This combined with a storage device, battery or super capacitors and backup diesel generator makes Microgrids highly reliable and cheap.

High technology products like nano solar cells, nano super capacitors, nano batteries and fuel cells are make the microgrid with storage capacities a reality.
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For decades, we’ve depended on an outdated, centralized system that wastes power and occasionally fails to meet everyone’s needs.

In 1996, for example, a damaged power line in Oregon left 12 million customers in eight states without power. Electricity has remained the exclusive domain of wholesale power companies with virtually no retail competition for the customers’ money. The idea of the microgrid is changing all this.

Community solar and community microgrids are new, but posed for rapid growth. Navigant Research forecasts that the total installed capacity of community solar programs across the country will reach 1.5 GW by 2020, then grow fourfold from 2020 to 2025. Meanwhile, GTM Research pegs the U.S. microgrid market at just over $550 million and expects it to exceed $1.3 billion in four years.

EnGoPlanet clean tech company is providing advanced solutions to support further growth of micro grids.

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