Smart Solar Street Light with Mobile Device Charging Capacity

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Incorporated Mobile device charging capacity to Solar Street Lights? In today’s world, this feature became a necessity. Why is mobile charging option important?

Let’s start from Africa.

Despite Africa’s fast growth in mobile phone deployment they do have a big problem holding them back. The lack of adequate supplies of electricity. Sub-Saharan Africa is far from being a desert. In fact, below the mighty Sahara, much of the continent is lush and green. However, it is an electrical desert.

“More than a staggering 80% of Africans live without grid electricity.”

Given that there are approximately 940 Million African people in sub-Saharan Africa, this would be roughly around three quarters of a Billion Africans without electricity in this region!

As you can imagine, this makes many of the simplest things difficult for many African people, including charging their mobile phones! So just how do you charge your phone in Africa? Are there any ways around this lack of electricity? Keep reading to discover how the mobile industry in Africa has evolved to deal without an abundance of electricity…

In many developed areas around the world we take for granted those little white wall plugs, the story is very different in Africa.

Can you imagine having to travel for hours to find somewhere that could charge your mobile phone?

Well, this is the reality for many people in the Sub-Saharan regions, and it’s because infrastructure is poor. In the same way that poor infrastructure has allowed mobile data to prosper at fixed-line internet’s expense, it has also allowed a lack of electrification to creep into many Africans’ lives.

Admittedly, this is mainly true for rural areas, but in a continent where a huge proportion of people live rurally and make their living from agriculture, this still equates to many hundreds of Millions of

Solar Street Light with Mobile Device Charging Capacity
There is a solution

On the other hand, Africa receives many more hours of bright sunshine during the course of the year than any other continent on Planet. The sunniest places on the earth lie in Africa. Despite the large solar potential, penetration of solar power in Africa’s energy sector is still very low. That is why EnGoPlanet, clean tech company from New York developed several models of Solar Street Light that have installed mobile device charging capacity within the pole. These smart solar lights will serve its basic function which is lighting, but at the same time it will provide free mobile charging to people and will keep them connected with the rest of the world.
Solar Street Light with Mobile Device Charging Capacity station
Why is mobile charging necessity even in developed nations?

Mobile phone market is still growing rapidly. Even developed nations such as US, Japan, and most of the Europe expect to see growth of more than 30% in next couple of years. Mobile phones are a must have in the modern society. They have become so important to the daily life that most people find it really hard to do without them. Just by a swipe, everything from banking services to online shopping to payment of bills are done right there on the small gadget. You can listen to music and also create cyber friendship. Yes these devices are reliable, yes they are convenient and yes they simplify life. However when battery dies and juice runs out the real nightmare begins. Having reliable and accessible charging point make life easier to people and make your city better connected.

Solution in case of natural disasters

Due to the Climate Change, ability to adapt to natural disasters, while remaining economically and environmentally sustainable became an important task of any city, weather in developed or undeveloped countries . A reliable and constant supply of energy, water, sanitation and other vital resources are an essential requirement for cities to remain competitive in a world with increasing urban populations.

Flash floods, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes all have the potential to cause outages and damage infrastructure.

We are all witness of natural disaster aftermath caused by hurricanes such as Harvey, Maria and Irma. Those disasters highlighted the need for Smart Solar Street lights with mobile device charging capacity. In one moment more than 7 million people of Florida stayed without power which caused complete disconnect among the people, because most of them had just a mobile phone in their house. Number of landline phones dropped sharply in last couple of years so mobile phone is the only option for them to communicate. In the event of blackout they do not have any option to charge their phone. That is why EnGoPlanet believes that all public street lights (where is feasible) should be solar powered and off the grid. With additional options such as mobile charging and even a WiFi Hot Spot, these smart solar street lights could be a sustainable and cost effective solution to provide communities with free and reliable energy.
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