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Smart Solar Powered Bus Stop & Shelter Station

Solar-powered bus stops and shelter stations are a great solution for many remote areas without access to electricity where bus stops and shelter stations are needed. EnGoPlanet developed a modern smart solar-powered solution that offer not just a standard role of the bus stop which is usually just shelter protection but also charging station for mobile phones, WiFi Internet and public lighting. In addition, this smart solar-powered bus stop station will be equipped with remote management software that will allow the bus operator to always have control over these smart solar bus stops.

EnGoPlanet solar bus stop and bus shelter lighting system comes complete with a our new vertical solar power system that has more than 160Wp solar power. Depending on the size of the bus stop, we can add two or more solar systems. Our team designs each system by the power consumed by the fixture and available sun provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a minimum of five days autonomy for extended battery life and takes into account local weather conditions.


Every EnGoPlanet Solar Bus Stop and Shelter contains the following components:

-Vertical Solar system with 160Wp power

-The battery that will store produced solar energy

-Charging Station for mobile phones

-WiFi internet connection

-Seating area at the Bus stop-Display for Bus stop advertising 

smart solar powered bus stop shelter
EnGo Smart Solar powered Bus stop shelter

Solar Bus Stop & Shelter Light Fixtures

Numerous style fixtures are available from LED strips to canopy style fixtures. Each fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution patterns to provide the ideal lighting solution to meet the requirements of the project.

The cost of the Smart Solar Bus stop shelter depends on the project requirements, to learn more please contact the EnGoPlanet team.

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