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New Smart Solar powered benches & tables

As the main supplier and manufacturer of Smart Solar-powered benches, EnGoPlanet is always trying to find a way to improve our current solar benches, lower the cost of the production and to develop new models. We are very happy that now we can offer 5 new models to our clients, along with our flagship model. We will list all them below:

smart solar benches

For the lovers of shiny metal black or white look and futuristic design, two Smart solar benches: models S and X will be a perfect fit for urban areas, business centers and smart cities. A great addition to professional and fast-paced environments where instant use of chargers (both USB and Wireless charging available) and WiFi is needed.


smart solar powered bench model S


smart solar bench model x

Model N and Model G

These smart solar benches can adapt to any environment whether it is a campus, park, street, square or a walking area it definitely makes you want to sit on it and use its features. With their natural and modern designs, they make any place more intriguing and smart.

In addition this model of smart solar bench has LED lighting that can be very useful during the night. Not just it will enhance safety and security but it will also allow people to stay longer outside.

Solar Table

Imagine working outside on a great day alone or with your colleagues, whether it is a school project or a work discussion, this table will inspire you to think outside the box and keep you connected with the world and new innovations. Well our new EnGo Smart Solar table now allow you exactly that. This solar powered table will provide charging but also WiFi connection.

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