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Smart solar powered bench-Trends and prices

Did you know that USA alone has millions of benches? The main role of benches so far has been to serve as place for people to sit and relax, however smart solar powered benches are something that will completely change the purpose of the bench that we know. Presenting you EnGoPlanet Smart solar powered bench.

smart solar benches prices

It's not all that surprising that many government officials and landscape architect are eager to include these smart solar benches into their current and future projects. After all, it boosts a city's reputation for embracing new technology, implementing sustainability practices and supporting the private development of analytical tools that benefit the public.

smart solar bench

EnGoPlanet, the company that produces the smart benches, capitalizes on growing trends to include this type of smart solar equipment into urban design projects. Besides smart solar benches, this New York based company also offers Smart solar powered streetlights. Both products will transform our cities and create a network of Smart Solar powered furniture. Smart Solar furniture -- be it a phone booth, street light, trash can or park bench -- has the potential to transform existing parts of the urban landscape into devices that will collect many information, provide free services to people, and create and store clean solar energy. The tech giant Microsoft also recognized this trend when they partnered with EnGoPlanet. Together they installed several Smart solar powered benches at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, WA. Currently they are testing this technology and potentially will expand on many other places.

smart solar bench

The EnGoPlanet Smart solar benches do have not just aesthetic advantage over other types of charging stations, but they also provide not just charging station for mobile phones, but free WiFi hotspot and in 2020 they will offer e-scooter charging. As number of e-scooters is growing rapidly, so it is expected that this service will be very useful for many people who drive e-scooters.

EnGoPlanet recently introduced several other Smart Solar benches and announced that in 2020 they will be able to lower prices of all models, considering that they achieved economy of scales due to increased demand which helped them to lower the overall production cost of smart solar benches. The price of smart solar benches depends on the model and features. In addition, the company announced that in 2020 they will introduce a platform that will remotely control all smart solar benches. This platform will offer many other features to cities and private clients.

Definitely 2020 will be a year that will bring many positive changes to our cities, and this new solar powered benches and streetlights will be a big part of that. In the meantime if you would like to learn more about smart solar powered benches and streetlight please visit


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