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Smart Solar powered bench as a cost effective back-up energy solution

Smart Solar powered bench produced by EnGoPlanet is not just a cost effective solution that can transform our cities by converting traditional benches into the smart and more user friendly options, but smart solar bench also presents a great tool for cities to create a network of the micro-grid points throughout the city that will provide back up energy in the emergency and power outage situations.

smart solar powered bench

Construction of new large power generating plants is not keeping pace with growing electricity demand in the U.S. At the same time, people demand for even more highly reliable power supply. Even if a sufficient number of new generating plants were built, the country’s aging transmission and distribution systems are unlikely to reliably deliver the increased power supply that is needed. Moreover, the climate change has brought an increased number of very strong natural disasters across the globe that in many cases destroy the entire energy network, leaving millions of people without access to the energy. In this context, deploying small solar production devices throughout our cities is something that can be a way to increase an energy resilience of our cities in times of natural disasters or emergency situations. Smart Solar powered bench, developed by New York City based company EnGoPlanet is a perfect tool to build a network of micro-grids that would be used as a back up energy provider. We will elaborate further below how Smart Solar bench can be very much useful for this task and why city officials should consider this idea.

smart solar powered bench

What is a Smart Solar Bench?

-Solar powered unit that produce energy during the day and then store it into the batteries that are installed in each smart solar bench.

-Smart solar bench is not connected to the power grid and operates as a completely energy independent unit.

What functions Smart Solar Bench provides?

- Free Charging station for mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, smart watches, kindles...). Each smart solar bench is equipped with 4 USB ports and 2 wireless charging pads that allow users to charge phones without charging cables, see picture above.

-Free WiFi hot spot that allows users to connect to the internet.

-Large advertising display that can also be used for posting important city or business information.

smart solar powered bench

How to install Smart Solar Bench?

Since the Smart Solar bench is not connected to the power grid, there is no need for any underground wiring or digging the tranches or channels. The Smart Solar bench can easily be installed with just four screws that connect the solar bench with the concrete foundations.

For more information about the Smart Solar Bench, such as price and technical specification please press HERE.

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