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Smart Solar Bus Shelter

EnGo Smart Solar Bus Shelter is an ultimate smart solution that represents the future of the public transportation. With integrated phone USB chargers, Wi-Fi access and a digital screen all in one, EnGo smart solar bus shelter is a solution that meets the needs of the modern world.

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bus Shelter

The system is completely solar-powered, with two solar panels covering the entire roof. These solar panels provide the system with clean energy during the sunny hours, and are used to charge the integrated, highly efficient lithium batteries. The system also includes a solar charge controller that controls the charging process, and ensures the maximum efficiency of the system at all times. The energy produced and stored is then used as a power supply for the LED lighting, USB charging outlets, Wi-Fi router and a digital screen, that are all integrated into the system.

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bus Shelter

The different sizes and colors of the EnGo smart solar bus shelter make it adaptable to different environments, including the urban and industrial areas, as well as rural environments with limited or no access to the power grid. EnGo bus shelter also serves as a phone charging station and a Wi-Fi access point. The accessories, combined with a modern design, make EnGo bus shelter a perfect solution for fast-growing environments.

Furthermore, EnGo Smart Solar Bus Shelter is a completely off-grid system, and as such, it acts as a big problem-solver for remote places where power supply is not available at all times. The advantage of such system is that wiring is reduced to a minimum, and it can be installed basically anywhere, while maintaining its full functionality. Because it’s completely independent from the power grid, EnGo Smart Solar Bus Shelter is also fully self-functioning and energy efficient, and as such, it has a great potential to become one of the leading products in the smart city industry.

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bus Shelter

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