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Smart Solar Bench supplier and manufacturer

How to choose the right Smart Solar Bench supplier and manufacturer? How the Smart Solar powered bench can transform our communities and why this new urban furniture is getting traction in many cities worldwide? We will try to answer these and many other questions in this blog post.

smart solar bench supplier

Traditional benches that you see currently in our communities offering nothing else but a place to sit down. The good news is that the development of new technologies did not pass this urban furniture piece as well. The idea behind Smart Solar bench is to create appealing and useful device that will serve people in much better way than just a place to rest.

smart solar bench supplier

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar bench provide a unique value proposition, comparing to many other smart solar benches that you can find on the market. This bench is different because it is completely off the grid solution, powered by solar energy. In addition it will provide free charging station for mobile devices, that also include wireless charging capability. In addition, this smart solar bench will provide free internet hot spot, that will allow you to get connected and browse the internet completely for free.

smart solar bench suppliers

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar powered bench is also providing large illuminated display, where can be installed advertisement or important city information. Moreover, an option to install CCTV security camera will allow city officials to use this solar bench as a tool to improve security in our neighborhoods.

smart solar powered bench suppliers

Many large companies are becoming interested to purchase these smart solar benches and to donate them to different cities and municipalities. It is a win-win situation, where large companies get an opportunity to give back to their communities, but at the same time they will receive a huge PR and will also be able to use advertisement space for free, for a certain period of time. On the other hand cities and municipalities get brand new equipment for free that they can utilize for more than 20 years, which is a life span of one smart solar bench.

smart solar powered bench

One of the good example of this program is a project where Telenor, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Europe, purchased several Smart Solar benches from EnGoPlanet, which they later donated to different municipalities where Telenor has its own branches. They kept the right to post their promotional material on the display of the Smart Solar bench for the period of 2 years. The company calculated that in this period time, they will be able to repay their investment on smart solar bench purchase. Overall, being a social responsible company is not just about giving back to community, it is also the way to combine real business interest with the need of cities and its people. Therefore we think that Smart Solar bench can be deployed from so many different angles and in partnership with different groups and organizations.

EnGoPlanet is based in New York and they produce Smart Solar benches.

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