Smart Solar Bench – Perfect addition for urban smart cities

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Information and communication technology (ICT) is used in smart cities to increase operational effectiveness, disseminate information to the general public, and improve the quality of public services and citizen welfare.

By utilizing smart technologies and data analysis, a smart city aims to improve citizen quality of life, enhance city operations, and foster economic growth. Instead of just how much technology is accessible, the value is in how it is used.

A city’s smartness is determined using a set of characteristics, including:

  • An infrastructure based on technology

  • Environmental initiatives

  • Effective and highly functional public transportation

  • Confident and progressive city plans

  • People are able to live and work within the city, using its resources

Smart City Concept
Smart City Features

Energy-saving and environmental efficiency elements, like lamps that turn off when the roads are empty, can also be found in smart cities. These smart grid technologies can enhance operations, maintenance, planning, and electricity supplies, among other things.

Through internet-enabled garbage collection, bins, and fleet management systems, smart city projects can also be utilized to tackle climate change, air pollution, and waste management and sanitation.

In addition to services, smart cities provide provision safety measures like monitoring high-crime areas or utilizing sensors to enable early warning for events like floods, landslides, hurricanes, or droughts.

Solar Bench – a perfect solution for urban smart cities

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench is designed to be a perfect addition to the Smart City concept. The most important aspect of the Smart Solar Bench is that it is not connected to the power grid, and therefore it will work even in situations of blackouts and power outages.

Smart Solar Bench
EnGo Smart Solar Bench installed in Houston, Texas

There are numerous ways in which the EnGo Planet Smart Solar Bench is functional. Free charging services for smart gadgets is one of them. The wireless charging stations on the smart solar bench make it possible to charge mobile devices quickly and effectively without the use of a cable. Additionally, each smart solar bench features a number of integrated USB charging connections for recharging various smart devices.

An incredibly quick internet connection is an additional cool feature. Fast internet connection delivers a browsing experience unlike any other thanks to the usage of an integrated router.

EnGoPlanet provides the option of installing environmental sensors that continuously track data near the bench in order to collect information about the air quality, humidity, and noise levels. Additionally, the standard bench has poster displays that can be used as educational, informative, and advertising space.

The Smart Solar Bench is perfect for upgrading and modernizing the public service infrastructure in any community. The smart solar bench’s integration of clean energy, sophisticated technology, and useful design can make a substantial contribution to the growth of sustainable communities.

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