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Whether you are relaxing in the park, or you are waiting for your turn in the basketball court or heading to your next destination, you can now sit in one of our new smart solar benches and charge your phone or tablet.

smart solar powered bench
These benches are part of the “Smart City” initiative to better understand the use of public spaces and the improvement of parks through the innovative use of technology.

‘Taking a seat’ will take on a new meaning with the installation of a solar-powered smart bench in several towns around the World, using the technology to search for the title of the best smart banks in the world.
smart solar powered bench
This solar smart bench allows you to sit down, and at the same time allows you to charge small devices via USB and Wireless Charging pads. Smart bench includes 2 USB ports and an integrated solar panel. By using HotSpot, anyone can connect their mobile device to the Internet through the bench. When your battery is exhausted, you can simply relax and rest while charging for free and you can watch the news on the phone.
EnGoPlanet developed this smart solar bench and it was designed to meet the changing needs of the environment. The smart solar bench was designed with a modern look to attract attention. The smart bench is striving to encourage people to leave home for a more sustainable and smarter city and in the end, it promotes a common social experience.
smart solar powered bench
Of course, the ability to charge up your phone for free simply by relaxing on the bench of the park is quite impressive in itself, but that’s not all that a smart bench can do. Smart bench uses the internet network to upload location-based data over the Internet. This includes data on current noise levels, air quality and environmental data. In addition, the website will monitor the number of people who used the bench to charge, the average number of daily users and the number of hours of solar charging it has provided.
smart solar powered bench
The Solar bench is a great addition to the urban furniture. It’s more than just any bench. It’s a smart design bench that allows everyone to charge their devices. Everyone can relax on this bench, enjoy the 4G Internet and at the same time charge their phone or tablet. Comfort and design meet sustainability: are you ready to change?

Why EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench?

Looking at the changing world that we are in now, technology has evolved beyond our very expectation and we believe that this smart solar bench will not only enable us to connect to the internet through Wifi, it will also enable us to charge our phones, which helps us plan our trip more efficiently through the apps. It’s tenuous, but it still looks like a rescue for smartphone users.

“At EnGoPlanet, we believe that the city of tomorrow should make people happy, safe and connected, then we will see how the streets can be designed to serve a wide range of activities: walking, cycling, driving, contacting others and, of course, companies and services that support our economy.

“Walking and driving and using public transport is part of how people move to a city like Los Angeles and EnGoPlanet Smart benches perfectly complement the lives of more and more connected people now.
smart solar powered bench
Traffic Control and Pollution

This smart solar bench will also have a social benefit too. Those who use urban supplies will be able to make donations to their various charities, and the benches will also accommodate a range of sensors. While monitoring the sound, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature, each bench will act as a listening to the pollution and traffic position, and, hopefully, will help panels in their future transport decisions.

There are, however, two catches. The first is that it seems pretty strange, and probably also a hotspot for phone theft, vandalism and other anti-social crimes. Secondly, they are currently limited to some areas and this may result in limited accessibility.
smart solar powered bench
Smart Solar Benches Are Great Social Spaces

If you are worried about making your urban furniture greener, then the Solar Bench is an innovative solution. It works only with pure solar energy; This energy gets stored and available 24 hours a day. Work, study or just relax, everything can be done in this modern bench equipped with wireless chargers and USB ports. Everyone can relax and sit comfortably.

This Particular Bench Meets Your Needs

It sounds good, is not it? Can you imagine what smart solar bench will look like in your area? It is available in all RAL colors, so you can choose any color that matches the color of your city or company. It has a lot of functions and is simply set, ready for use at any time! Are you asking for maintenance? This type of bench is resistant to bad weather and vandalism.


Solar energy

Charging mobile devices

WiFi internet

Advertisement and Info Display

Resistant to bad weather and vandalism

Fully independent functions

Seats controlled by temperature

Available in all RAL colors

Easy installation


Walkways on the beach

Sports and playgrounds

Bus and train stations

Meeting point

Schools and universities


Squares and City Centers

Bicycle and walking routes
smart solar powered bench
The Future Of Smart Cities

EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is the energetic smart bench ever designed. Its beautiful and timeless design hides many functionalities.

With its size and perfect shape, EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches adds attraction easily to any open position.

The EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is completely weather resistant and safe from vandalism.

EnGoPlanet Allows You To Stay Connected

It is equipped with two smart USB ports and a separate wireless charger. Internet access is always available within the range where the benches are located. Solar energy allows EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches to be easily assembled anywhere, and most importantly, no special infrastructure is needed.
smart solar powered bench
EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches never goes out and is available every hour of the day and night, regardless of weather conditions. Solar panels deliver up to 110 watts of electricity per hour. The system uses natural energy efficiently and is there to use it when you need it.

Important feature: EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is safe from vandalism. How is that possible? This clever bench is screwed and locked to prevent unauthorized opening. Furthermore, the system is being monitored so you can be well informed of unusual circumstances.

Advertisement and Info Display

Large display on the EnGoPlanet Smart Solar bench provide great opportunity for advertisement or city info placement. It can provide additional revenue stream to the owner of the bench and generally through this the entire investment in Smart Solar Bench can repay in less than a year. This large display on the Smart Solar bench can also provide useful information to citizens.
smart solar powered bench

Pleasant & Functional

The EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches cooling system ensures that the temperature remains favorable. During the summer, fans prevent overheating of the surface and bench. In addition, ambient light allows users to use its features, no matter how dark it gets.

What Are The User’s Impressions?

The social media space have been covered that EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is a genius invention, and users are excited that it is a perfect solution for city life.

EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is a smart, high-quality and beautiful street bench: it’s the next step towards a smart city!

Easy Installation

The installation of the EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench is very easy and fast. The entire installation usually last less than 1 hour. EnGoPlanet provides all necessary equipment and detail instruction manuel for smooth installation process.
smart solar powered bench
Advanced Device Charging.

The main feature of EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches is for charging different types of devices.

The bench comes with two USB ports with ambient lighting for charging any type of device using a USB cable.

The wireless charger built into the acrylic glass cover provides wireless charging. Simply place the device on the charging pad and charge it wirelessly.

Solar Powered.

Deep, visually appealing black photovoltaic modules are developed and manufactured exclusively for EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches, increasing its energy efficiency. With 120wp these solar panels will produce enough clean energy to power all functionalities on the Smart Solar bench.

An advanced controller inside the bench allows charging the battery even when the sitting area is occupied and the photovoltaic modules are overshadowed.

Super-Fast Internet Connection.

Wi-Fi speeds up to 433 Mbps * make the browsing experience next to none.

A special controller takes care of your safety when reading news, using social networks, or online purchases.

EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches can be connected to the Internet using a SIM card, an Ethernet cable, or a fiber optic cable.

Data collection

The 15 sensors inside the EnGoPlanet’s Smart Solar Benches monitor everything that happens in and around the bench.

Each other, sensors collect data on air parameters, bench usage and system status.

All data collected is available to users via the dashboard.

If something happens, the system immediately notifies the owner and our help desk.

If you would like to see EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench in your city, university, shopping mall, or business campus, contact us and we will work with you to bring our Smart solar powered benches into your newighbrourhood.

For more information about EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Benches please visit www.engoplanet.com
smart solar powered bench
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