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Smart Solar Bench: A small part of a Smart City puzzle

Smart cities today utilize technology to make daily life more sustainable, efficient, transparent and intelligent. It is a never ending puzzle with a big collection of smart components that make this possible. Smart Solar Bench is therefore a perfect addition for such environment.

smart solar bench

Smart city can be portrayed as a virtual, 3D puzzle because these newly formed, urban areas really do make a difference and have a huge impact on the traditional environment. It is a step forward in the economy, sustainability, and modernization of one city. “Work smarter, not harder” is known by any professional in any setting. The same thing applies to cities, especially when cities all over the world are investing in greener initiatives like LED street lights, fossil fuel reduction, plastic bag bans and solar-powered utilities. If you think about it Smart City is a solution for the modern society, as it does not use any natural resources but ‘feeds itself’ consistently while collecting meaningful consumer data information and supporting and implementing only GREEN solutions.

Generally, Smart Solar Benches belong to a Smart Solar Market that is expected to grow to USD 13.26 Billion by 2020. Now, our mission is to be a part of this huge market with Smart Solar Benches. We tend to make this important public resting place a more interesting, functional and environmentally friendly utility, and not only a place to sit. A Smart Solar Bench provides additional features such as a charging station, Wi-Fi hotspot, environmental sensors (air quality, humidity, temperature…) and an advertisement space all powered by solar energy. It is a utility that would not only be a part of a Smart city, but can be implemented anywhere: parks, squares, campuses, beaches, stations… The options are unlimited, and is a great additional detail that supports the Smart Solar market ideology of sustainable energy solutions and high tech features.

smart solar powered bench

Going back to the features, Engo Planet Smart Solar powered bench is also providing large illuminated display where an advertisement or important city information can be installed. Moreover, an option to install CCTV security camera will allow city officials to use this solar bench as a tool to improve security in our neighborhoods. Smart solar bench is a great opportunity for corporations, banks and other businesses to have an additional marketing solution that is not a traditional poster on the street, but has additional features. They would be able to use this Wi-Fi network for some of their campaigns where clean and sustainable energy is the key point. The smart bench in that way can definitely be used as a marketing tool, and it is up to the creative teams which strategy and idea they would follow.

smart solar powered bench

On the other hand cities and municipalities get brand new equipment that they can utilize for more than 20 years, which is a smart solar bench life span. Additionally, the increasing environmental awareness about the solar industry amongst the public will also act as an opportunity for the smart solar market. One of the ways through which this market can be promoted is by exposing its products and services directly to the consumers. Smart Bench stands as one of those direct promoters. So now when you know that something simple as a bench became smart, the conclusion is that there are absolutely no boundaries to innovation…

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