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Smart Park Design with Solar Benches and Solar streetlights

Public parks are an essential part of our cities. Modern technology today is transforming virtually every corner of our lives and parks are also part of this transformation. Smart Solar benches, solar streetlights, solar garbage bins are just some of the products that Parks & Recreation departments are installing in order to make our parks more useful places for people.

Many organizations are trying to become part of this trend and want to offer their contributions to how parks can become smart, solar and more connected. For example, UCLA Luskin Centre for innovation, which seeks out to resolve today’s environmental challenges, has launched SMART Parks, a set of new technologies for park designers to implement in these spaces.

EnGoPlanet, New York-based solar company introduced a SMART Solar Parks program where they work closely with park urban designers and Parks & Recreation officials to transform parks into places that will offer other useful services to people. The Smart Solar Park program was rollout in several cities in the USA and Europe where they installed several Smart Solar-powered benches and Solar streetlights instead of traditional benches and streetlights. These smart solar alternatives offer free mobile charging, Free Wi-Fi hot spot, bright street illumination and all that with free and clean solar energy.

These Smart Solar benches and solar streetlights are completely off-the-grid solutions that will work even in situations of blackouts and power outage, which will make our parks more energy resilient and energy-efficient. Also, these solar-powered benches include smart sensors to collect data about how many people use the parks in which they are located. This makes it easier to organize activities tailored to the visitors based on the number of visits, such as aerobic exercises or tai chi classes.

There is also an option for a digital screen on this Smart Solar Bench which presents a great potential to publish important information. 

SMART Solar Parks program is also dedicated to designing exercise machines which, while improving the health of users, produce additional clean energy.

Also, the use of smart solar lighting in parks will not just increase the safety and security in parks by having trails that light up in the dark, but it will also increase the number of visitors and extend the parks hours operation.

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