Rhode Island’s New Renewable Energy Targets: What Do They Mean For You?

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Governor of Rhode Island, Dan McKee, set up a bold goal for his state when he announced last week that they will be committing to increasing renewable energy production and supply by requiring that the total electric power production is offset by renewable production by 2033.

"Welcome to Rhode Island" photo taken by Taber Andrew Bain https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewbain/532535116
“Welcome to Rhode Island” photo taken by Taber Andrew Bain

Besides the fact that renewable electricity supply is vital for Rhode Island to achieve Act on Climate goals, this state wants to rely on a more secure, reliable, affordable, and equitable energy future.

What can you do to support the initiative?

For many years now, solar energy has been one of the most rapidly expanding sources of renewable energy around the globe. Solar energy has become more economical because of technological advancements, more affordable materials, and a rising consumer demand. Today, solar power plants can offer long-term savings for many businesses, homeowners, communities, schools, and colleges.

​The quantity of solar energy we can utilize varies depending on the time of day, the season of the year, as well as geographic location, despite the fact that it may seem like the ideal renewable energy source.

Going beyond the power grid overall, there are thousands of solar-powered solutions available that allow for quick integration of solar energy into cities. These solutions include:

  • Smart solar street lights
  • Smart solar bus shelters
  • Smart solar benches

Solar Street Lights Benefits

Solar street lights have various benefits, including being ecologically friendly, relatively inexpensive to install, and producing high-quality light. Any location with access to sunlight is suitable for the installation of solar street lights.

Additionally, solar street lights can function independently for long periods of time – specifically, they can endure for up to ten years without any maintenance. This is because the solar panels on the lights collect and store energy throughout the day, and use it for illumination at night.
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Smart Solar Bus Shelter

The future of public transportation may include products like the Smart Solar Bus Shelter. It can include a digital screen, Wi-Fi, and built-in USB chargers for mobile devices all in one, making it a great addition to user experience while waiting for the bus to arrive.

The roof is equipped with solar panels that provide recharging of the integrated lithium batteries during the day. A solar charge controller is also a part of the system, regulating the battery charging and making sure the system is always operating at its highest efficiency. The energy generated and stored is then used as a power source for the digital screen, Wi-Fi router, USB charging ports, and LED lighting, which may all be included in one single system. Smart Solar Bus Shelter is a big problem-solver for remote places where power supply is not readily available. The advantage of such a system is that there is no cabling needed to power the bus shelter, and it can be installed anywhere with sunlight while maintaining its full functionality.

Smart Solar Bench

Smart Bench is completely energy independent solution, powered only by solar energy. During the day, the solar panel will collect daylight and convert it into energy. There are numerous advantages when it comes to Smart Solar Benches such as USB ports for charging, Wi-Fi hotspot, large display that can be used to display important city information or advertisement, smart cameras that can be installed for safety.

Benches can easily be integrated within municipalities, parks, residential communities, universities, grade schools, private companies & business centres, and libraries.

engo smart solar bench

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