14 reasons why to buy Smart Solar Street Lights and Smart Benches

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Without further ado, here are 14 reasons why we believe Solar Street Lights and Benches are good investment.
smart solar led street lights and smart benches
1. Environmently friendly

Solar power is a clean, safe, unlimited source of energy which causes no pollution. Choosing solar street lights is your conscious step to prevent the massive effects of Global Warming and maintain air quality. Every time you choose for renewable energy, you are saving (a little bit) the Planet.

2. Marketing & PR effect

Since installed in the City’ square, at prominent street, Factory’s front, they are very visible (attractive design) to all passers-by, tourists, customers and visitors.

3. Educational effect

Population/Community education (youngsters, in particular) about using renewables is what we are commited to and should be done even more in the future.

4. The biggest Advertising space in Industry

EnGo 6 and Smart Solar Bench are business friendly designed so big, one-time paid advertising space constitute a big product part.

5. Practical – mobile charging station and resting spot

Both Solar Street Lights and Solar Benches are able to fulfill these features (optional for Lights).

6. The highest ROI

Due to its visibility for all and advertising spots, the buyer is able to harvest marketing, PR and educational beneftis in full with ridiculously low cost compared to other Green (LEED) projects.

7. Low maintenance

Properly installed, products do not need future technical interventions, that is no scheduled maintenance is needed. You don’t need to replace your solar street lights every now and then. So be careful and choose good and certified solar products that can last for very long time without any concerns on you.

8. Resilience

Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid resulting in working even in the event of natural or human caused dissasters. Since solar wiring works on 12/24 V (low current) and does not have external wires, the risk of accidents is minimized. A lot of times, accidents happen to the personnel who fix the street light (including strangulation or electrocution).

9. No Carbon Footprint

Non-renewable sources produce CO2, one of the main gases causing Greenhouse effect. Almost all countries have obliged themselves on using more and more renewables.

10. No wiring and rows trenching

Since Grid and one of another independent, no very costly cabling is needed.

11. Easy installation

No more than 20 minutes in case of a bench. For Lights, very easy and fast compared to Traditional Lighting System.

12. Movable

In case of a temporary location need (temporary construction site road, concert, military base), just excavate our products, like with plants, and relocate them at next needed location.

13. Feredal, State and Local Funds and Incentives

Many countries and cities are now requiring renewable energy to be implemented on all new builds. This ensures that green mandates are being met while also providing less stress with new additions to the current grid systems. Off-grid solar lighting systems can help people and companies meet this requirement.

14. Renewable energy source

Solar energy will never end, unlike coal and oil, which need to be mined and are going to be exhausted sooner or later. In next future, we must activate to replace them completely, so you can already be a step ahead by installing your solar street light and solar bench solution today.

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