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New urban device: Smart Solar powered bench

Solar powered benches are something new in the urban infrastructure arena. More and more cities, municipalities, real estate developers and urban planners are considering smart solar powered benches for their projects. What drives this trend is the development of many other areas in the Smart City concept and the Internet of Things. Connectivity, accessibility, energy resilience are the key words that motivate above mentioned groups to consider installations of Smart Solar powered benches. In this post we will elaborate in more details how Smart solar bench can be a cost-effective way to transform our communities.

smart solar benches

Cities from the earliest times have had infrastructural amenities—roadways and sewers, for example—and all infrastructural development involves the provision of public services and the use of public spaces that are deemed essential for the ability of people to live in the city. What marks the development of the modern infrastructure since the nineteenth century is its close association with technological development, industrialization, and the dramatic growth of city populations. The development of more efficient solar PV cells, batteries and other components necessary to produce solar powered urban equipment such as Smart Solar benches, allowed this product to become a good option for replacing a traditional benches and converting them into smart and solar.

smart solar powered bench

The main function of the Smart solar powered bench is to provide increasingly demanding services such as mobile phone charging and access to WiFi internet. These basic features are just the most visible benefits for the people and citizens. However “behind the curtain” this smart solar powered bench presents a perfect tool for the City and municipalities to deploy a network of Micro-grid (devices working without access to the power grid) throughout their territories. For example, the City of Jefferson in Missouri, decided to partner with a New based Smart Solar Bench manufacturer EnGoPlanet in order to deploy a network of these useful devices at their parks. This December the City of Jefferson will install 5 Smart Solar benches at different locations. This will be a pilot project and if it is successful as the City’s officials hope, the pilot will be expanded into other parts of the City. The main goal of the project is to increase the energy resilience of the city and to provide numerous energy spots that will work even during blackouts and power outages.

smart solar powered bench

Not just that Smart solar powered benches are great addition to the Smart City concept, they also can become a revenue generator for the City and other owners. Smart Solar bench is equipped with many sensors that collect various outdoor data that can be used in many ways to improve the daily life in our cities. In addition, the large display that some Smart Solar benches have, such as EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench, provides an opportunity to post different important city information or an advertisement.

smart solar powered bench

Overall, Smart Solar bench defiantly will become a vivid statement that our cities are becoming more interconnected, more energy resilient and smarter. With over 20 million traditional benches currently in place, we believe that this urban solar powered device is just taking off.

If you would like to learn more about Smart Solar powered bench, its specification, pricing and other details please press HERE or contact us

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