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Why is so important to choose high quality components for Solar Street Light?

As Solar LED Street Light market continue to grow rapidly with more than 16% CAGR, more and more companies are starting to produce different Solar operated LED street light solutions. Some of those companies deliver very good and high quality products, but unfortunately many companies, primarily from China, started to introduce to market some very cheap and low quality products. Most of those products look nice and practically, such as most of ALL IN ONE solutions, but if you scratch beneath the surface and study their technical specification in more details, you will notice that those components are completely not sufficient for optimal working conditions and to provide expected life cycle of Solar LED Street Light which is minimum 20 years. Poor quality is probably the main reason why more and more clients around the world do not want to accept most of Chinese Solar LED Street Light products. In this blog we will try to explain why is critical to chose high quality components for Solar LED Street Light solution.

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When it comes to Solar LED street lights, it is very important to take a closer look at how the system is designed and what components are integrated together to deliver light performance from clean energy sources.Choosing high quality parts, such as battery, LED light source, controller and other parts is the most important aspect. In addition, introduction of smart technology in the solar street lighting system is an essential step forward in ensuring off-grid system reliability and durability.

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Every Smart LED Solar street light system consists of several core components. The functional off-grid system depends on the quality of each component, the technology used in the system and the management of the solar street light over time. Choosing the right smart solar street light specification is not an easy task, therefore you need to know all the system design nuances before discussing the technical proposal with a solar street light company.



Solar street lights are designed to absorb energy during the day. This energy is used by the off-grid system to power LED lighting during the night. The solar panels start working as soon as the sun is up while the LED lamp automatically switches off after the sunrise. The process is reversed when the sun goes down. The solar energy detection can be done either through solar panel sensing (this functionality works by detecting solar panel voltage which will increase immediately when sunlight hits the panel and vice versa) or through an astronomic clock built in the solar system (microchips using latitude and longitude clock combined with real time clock to decide when to flip a switch). The main function of the solar panels is to convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic solar cells. This energy is then stored in solar rechargeable batteries.

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LED Light Source Smart solar street lights use new LED technology which delivers much higher Lumens for less energy used. EnGoPlanet Solar LED Street light producer is using 165lm/W which is currently the highest output in the market. LED lights with lower wattage than traditional style fixtures are more efficient and have lower power consumption while providing higher luminosity levels and zero UV emissions. LED fixtures are also less prone to failures with an average number of 75,000 working hours, whereas traditional street lights range from 5,000 to 8,000 working hours with much higher failure rate.The energy consumption rate of LED fixture is at least 70% lower than high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.