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New Service! No upfront cost for your solar powered street lights

In this blog, we will tell you more about our new program EnGo Utility that offers our solar-powered street lights with no upfront cost.

Street lighting is a necessary utility for any infrastructure, industrial or residential project and is taking a significant chunk of the budget. Other than that, it comes back with a monthly bill for electricity which again is a reoccurring expense. When it comes to budgeting of these type of projects, leasing of certain equipment will conserve and control cash. Generally, in terms of cost, solar street lights are a better investment than conventional street lights if the capital, as well as O&M costs, are considered. EnGoPlanet Utility program allows the investor to keep the projected budget intended for purchase, installation, and maintenance of the lighting network, for a fixed monthly fee.

The economic benefits of this program are saving working capital for day to day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business-related expenses. With predictable monthly expenses, you can develop long-term plans for your business with confidence and get your project set up with the equipment you need while keeping your cash flow available for other expenditures. Preserving working capital that you wouldn’t have access to if you had to purchase the equipment upfront, can be a game-changer, as it keeps you financially liquid.

Installation and maintenance is another strong argument that supports the EnGo Utility program. Traditional lighting requires high installation costs which include digging trenches for cabling for electricity, which takes a lot of labor time and is very difficult for maintenance. With Solar lights, there would be no underground digging and no cabling. The battery is stored inside the unit, and the unit is completely off the grid. Maintenance can be done directly on the unit, with minimum effort as it is simply part replacement (battery, controller, driver, or the whole unit).


Our service is suitable for both new and retrofit projects. There are projects which have the existing infrastructure but want to go solar and be off the grid. Also, there are many locations that still use High-Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS) that are high energy consumers and need replacement. Regarding the new projects that plan to use energy-efficient and sustainable solutions from the beginning, and minimize the use of energy from the network with no consumption of fossil fuel, this program is a perfect solution. Another important aspect of solar street lighting, in general, are safety measures. Due to the absence of external wires, these lights do not pose any threat of accidents like electrocution, strangulation, and overheating. In fact, solar lights illuminate the streets throughout the night irrespective of power cuts and grid failures.